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Courtesy:  Century MediaItalian rockers Lacuna Coil are currently on Megadeth’s Gigantour in support of their latest album, Dark Adrenaline.  Their sixth full length release was produced by Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine) in Milan and Los Angeles.  Their music has been described as alternative metal, heavy metal and even Gothic metal, but they have a unique sound that’s all their own.  The band formed in 1991 and over the years they have honed in on their craft to make it their own.

The first single, Trip the Darkness, is the band’s highest charting single at active rock.  The song, about facing your darkest hours without fear, introduces a theme that runs throughout the album.  Dark Adrenaline debuted at #15 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, selling nearly 20,000 units in its first week.  This marks the band’s highest album chart debut ever.

In a recent interview with vocalist Cristina Scabbia, she talked about how she got into the music business and Lacuna Coil’s latest release.  She told me, “The job chose me.  I never really thought about it (singing) as a career.  I’ve always loved to sing.  This is art for me, and it’s what I’m supposed to do with my life.”

As far as musical influences growing up, Scabbia had many.  She was the youngest of four children, so she learned about music from her older siblings.  Her influences include everything from Genesis, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC to traditional Italian music.  “At the age of 20, I really got into rock and metal.  I have a 360 degree taste in music.  It’s important to be open minded with music,” she said.

The band is very proud of their latest accomplishment.  “Dark Adrenaline sums up our whole career.  It has Goth elements, but is more experienced.   This is the best one we have written,” Scabbia proudly states.  Her two favorite songs to perform from the new album are I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow and Upsidedown.

Scabbia is not only has a powerful voice, but she is beautiful as well.  She has been named the sex symbol of metal in numerous articles over the years, so I asked her what she thought of the attention.  “Being a sex symbol is funny to me.  On one side it’s flattering, but I don’t pay too much attention.  Beauty is on the inside.  I’d like to send a message to the girls lacking in confidence.  Beauty and sensuality is not what the media says.  Hotness is more about not being perfect,” she said.  Scabbia is a great role model to young girls.  Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out, but she has broken boundaries for women everywhere with what she does for a living.

Scabbia is a very talented vocalist with a powerful melodic voice which makes her one of the best female metal singers to ever grace the world of music.  She is featured on the Megadeth song  A´ Tout le Monde (Set Me Free), which will be performed during the tour.  Of the tour, Scabbia said, “The tour has been amazing.  The bands are fantastic and the fans reactions have been great.”

At the conclusion of the interview, she wanted to pass this message on to the fans:  “Thank you so much for your support.  I hope you enjoy the new album.  Be sure to check it out!”  Once the Megadeth tour wraps up, Lacuna Coil will embark on a headlining tour in late spring.

Lacuna Coil (which translates to “empty spiral” in English) is Cristina Scabbia (vocals), Andrea Ferro (vocals), Marco Coti Zelati (bass), Cristiano Migliore (guitar), Marco Biazzi (guitar), and Cristiano Mozzati (drums).

Gigantour was founded by Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine in 2005.  Along with Lacuna Coil, the tour also features Motorhead and Volbeat.  Please visit HERE for tour dates.

For more information about Lacuna Coil, visit their website HERE.

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