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Italian powerhouse vocalist Roberto Tiranti is a part of a dynamic new power trip which includes fellow Labyrinth band mates, Andrea Cantarelli (guitar) and Alessandro Bissa (drums).  The new band is called A Perfect Day and it’s taken the music world by storm.  Their self-titled debut album has recently been released across the world.  In a recent interview with Tiranti, he talked about his start in music, being a member of Labyrinth, his new side project, A Perfect Day, and much more.

Tiranti has a passion for music that’s been with him as far back as he can remember.  He always knew that music would be with him forever.  “Music has been a part of my life since the beginning, and I never considered a different profession.  I started to play with my first band in 1988, but before that period I always sang and played guitar and bass.  For me it was something like breathing — I guess you know what I mean!” he said excitedly.

There were several vocalists and bassists who have influenced him in the beginning and over the years.  For the most part, Tiranti’s musical influences come from the great musicians of the 70s.  The bands with the biggest influences include Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Queen, Rush and The Police.  His favorite vocalists are Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Glen Hughes and David Byron.  As far as bass players, his favorites are Sting, John Entwistle, Gary Thain and John Deacon.  He added, “There are also many musicians from the 80s that inspired me so much, including Geoff Tate, Eric Martin, Bruce Dickinson and Billy Sheehan.

When it comes to the music of A Perfect Day, its hard rock and melodic.  Their sound is sure to please music fans all over the world.  When the three talented musicians sat down to talk about a name for the new project, it came easy to them.  Tiranti explained, “A Perfect Day is just our ironic way to face and see life.  Nowadays ‘a perfect day’ is something really hard to achieve, so even if we have bad days we must work for a better tomorrow and the difference between good and bad most of the time depends on us.  There’s no time to complain!”

A Perfect Day formed in 2011.  Tiranti explained how it all came to be: “In 2001, Cantarelli felt the need to have a sort of solo project.  After a while, he found out that maybe a real band could be better than the usual ‘solo project,’ so he called me and asked me to listen to some new ideas.  I really liked what I heard and so I started to help him in composing melodies and lyrics.  After a month we recorded our promo CD and we sent it to several labels.  Frontiers decided to take us in, and believe me when I say they are just amazing.”

The three band members work together when it comes to their songwriting.  Tiranti describes the music as “a solid melodic hard rock with a touch of blues.”  When speaking about the songs on A Perfect Day, he said, “Each and every song has its own life and importance, but if I have to choose just one song that captures the inside essence of this band, I would say Another Perfect Day.

Tiranti is a very driven musician who has a true love for the music.  He has it right when he cares more about the music than anything else, and it’s getting harder and harder to find musicians like him in the business.  “Everything is coming from the passion I feel for music instead of money.  Of course I have to pay my bills, but I never played music for those reasons.  I’m also a vocal coach and what I used to say to my students is that if they want to do it for money then they are astray.  Music is fun, but is also a serious thing made of effort, discipline, and respect.  As I mentioned before, for me music is like breathing; you cannot live without,” he said.

Tiranti is a musician who likes to experience all different musical genres.  “I like to live the music at 360 degrees and that’s the reason why I sing and play in Labyrinth, which is a progressive power metal band, Mangala Vallis, which is progressive rock, and A Perfect Day, which is hard rock.  I also have a vocal quartet.  I think life is too short to close ourselves into the flock of just one kind of music,” he explained.

A Perfect Day has an Italy tour planned for 2013.  They are working on the possibility of touring Europe, as well as the United States.  Tiranti is excited about the prospect of touring the United States:  “Your country was amazing when Labyrinth performed at the ProgPower Festival.”



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