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Where does a band get a name like Iwrestledabearonce?  Guitarists Steven Bradley and John Ganey, bassist Mike “Rickshaw” Martin, drummer Mikey Montgomery and interim lead vocalist Christine LaPlante can all attest they really haven’t been wrestling with bears;  maybe running from bears but believe it or not, it comes from something that actor Gary Busey, once said on Comedy Central.  Iwrestledabearonce formed in 2007 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and have since moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where they are currently based.  Touring with this year’s Vans Warped Tour, the band is excited to be performing on the Ernie Ball Stage.

The band released their second album, Ruining It For Everybody, in July of last year. These talented musicians have a very unique sound which combines many genres including metal, jazz, blues; just about everything.  Guitarist Steven Bradley, elaborated on the band and what they’ve recently been up to and spoke about sounding different than any band out there today.  “We don’t care about what’s cool and we are having fun being idiots” states Bradley, “our sound is heavier, catchier, and better organized than anything we’ve done so far. We took a really spastic blend of genres and made it more cohesive.”

Bradley found his passion for music at a young age.  His earliest musical influence and the first person that really inspired him was the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.  However, one night in 1997, he saw the Deftones perform and knew immediately that’s what he wanted to do for a living.  Bradley is an accomplished musician not only playing guitar but drums and piano as well. Once he picked up his first instrument, he never wanted to put them down.

Iwrestledabearonce just played their first ever shows in Guadalajara and Mexico City, receiving an overwhelming response from fans.  Both shows were completely sold out with insane mosh pits and crowds singing along every night.  Iwrestledabearonce has released a performance video for their track, I’m Gonna Shoot,  off Ruining It For Everybody.  The footage used in the video was taken from the recent sold out dates in Mexico.  “The shows were insane, they were awesome and we received a warm reception,” Bradley said of the experience.

The band has a lot of plans for the future.  They have just completed production on a horror film called, A Beary Scary Movie; scheduled for release in the fall, but details are still being worked out and also going back into the studio this winter to work on their third album.

Early this month, the band’s lead vocalist, Krysta Cameron, left the Vans Warped Tour, due to news that she and her fiancé are expecting their first child.  In the meantime, fill–in singer Christine LaPlante, has joined the band on tour and the band recently announced they will be heading out on a European headlining tour. The tour features support from Vanna, Oceano, and For All Those Sleeping.

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