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Courtesy:  Frontier RecordsJeff Scott Soto is arguably one of the best vocalists to have ever graced the hard rock circuit. He has provided his legendary vocals for some of the biggest names in rock including Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Journey and Trans–Siberian Orchestra. He has just released his fifth solo album, Damage Control (Frontier Records) available now. Soto candidly discusses the new album and his career as a musician.

Soto says he has spent his whole life reaching for the stars. He is a very down to earth and passionate musician who is doing exactly what he has always dreamed about. “I was singing before I was talking,” he said. When he was approximately 4 years old, he saw Michael Jackson for the first time, and the music made a huge impact on him.  As with any musician, it’s important to have a diverse taste in music. Soto’s earliest influences included the music from Motown and The Jackson Five. As he got older, his influences included Van Halen and Judas Priest.

Soto is excited about his latest solo album. He started working on it last summer. “I had a list of who I wanted to collaborate with. These co–writers sent their music to me in demo form, and it was a pretty easy process. In the end, I was able to find fourteen songs I was absolutely married to,” he said. He is hopeful that the album will open up more doors in the U.S. It’s been five years since he’s toured solo in the U.S.; however, he is no stranger to U.S. fans with his extensive touring with Trans–Siberian Orchestra and Journey. One of the highlights in his career has been performing as Journey’s front man. “My first show with Journey was definitely a highlight. I met the band in Virginia Beach, did sound check and immediately performed in front of twenty thousand people,” he reflected.

Soto wants fans to know that the new album reflects the better part of him. “I wanted to make a complete rock album with peaks, troughs and valleys of truth,” he explained. There is no doubt that fans will love this album.  In closing, Soto wanted to get this message to his fans: “I’m so humble to be here for twenty years. Thank you for your support and be sure to check out the new album.”

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