JIMI JAMISON Is A Survivor; His New Solo Album Amazes

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vocalist extraordinaire is best known for being the lead singer in the legendary band, Survivor.  He grew in Memphis, Tennessee, and the city is near and dear to his heart.  A lot of his influences came from the great music of the South.  In a recent interview with Jamison, he talked about his start in music, and his new solo album, Never Too Late (Frontier Records).

In 9th grade, Jamison was playing double duty as a member of the a capella choir as well as a member on the football team.  Some fellow players on the football team to put a together, so Jamison decided to join and it changed life forever as he knew it.  “The music was so much fun, so much joy,” he said.  Hailing from Memphis, music was in his blood, and his was always a huge Presley fan, so that didn’t hurt either.  Earliest musical influences included Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Johnny Mathis.  Both vocalists and players made big impacts on his life at a very early age.

His career took off in the ’80s Cobra, a hard rock with a edge.  He laughingly talked about how they were at that time in Memphis.  He also performed in an early called Target.  In the early eighties, Cobra disbanded and Jamison auditioned for Survivor.  This move put on the map as of the best vocalists to ever come out of the music scene.

Jamison has recently released his amazing new solo album, Never Too Late.  Jamison said, “The is really good.  I think will really like the rocking songs.  The tells a story, and it’s a good story.”  He is very proud of his latest endeavor, and rightfully so.  The is good from start to finish and will be extremely pleased with the outcome.  The latest solo differs a bit from the previous one.  “This is a little more rockin’, although the melody is still there.  I really got into this emotionally,” he explained.

The is full of emotion and it’s obvious the minute you hit on your iPod.  As we talked, he delved more into the emotions.  “When I write, it just kind of happens…it all comes from my subconscious – things I’ve experienced.  I’ve written a lot about I’ve had, and will even find myself in the middle of the night writing,” he said.  of his favorite songs off the is The Air That I Breathe, and he’s a self-proclaimed “mushy guy.”

Jamison has had some amazing experiences over the years.  in particular comes in mind:  “Last year I was performing in Berlin, Germany.  I performed in front of million people.  There were screens and speakers everywhere.  I remember looking out across the crowd and seeing people everywhere.  It was absolutely unbelievable,” he fondly reminisced.

There are many great things in store for Jamison’s fans.  He is currently working on a tour, which will include some U.S. dates, and that will be announced soon.  Also, he’s a movie star?  You heard that right…  Jamison will be starring in a movie with none other than Slater, and he will not only have a part in the movie, but will also perform the title track called Havana Mine, which he wrote as well.  The movie is filming now in Puerto Rico, and Jamison is working on the music for the film.  “I get to dress like a gangster and carry a gun.  I’m looking forward to being the bad guy,” he said.

When it comes to Survivor, they have just completed their latest and are talking about recording another album.  To keep with the latest news, check out their WEBSITE.

Never Too Late features Jimi Jamison (vocals), Erik Martensson (guitar, keyboards, background vocals), Jonas Oijvall (piano, Hammond b-3 organ) and Magnus Ulfstedt (drums).

For more information about Jamison, or to purchase his new album, check out his WEBSITE.



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