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When you say “L.A. Guns” the first response is usually, “which one?”  The split of L.A. Guns is as well-documented as Tiger’s and Elin’s and fortunately none of the Guns had a set of golf clubs at their disposal.  The fact that two bands with the same name, in the same town can be confusing at best.  There’s Tracii’s and there’s Phil’s and their respective fans seem to be nearly as divided as the two principals themselves.  WARNING to Tracii fans, this interview is with Phil’s Guns; Stacey Blades (guitar), Scotty Griffin (bass) and Steve Riley (drums)…Okay then, those of you still with us will be happy to know that the band is currently in the studio tracking their next album, Hollywood Forever with producer Andy Johns, scheduled for a May release.  It’s been seven years since the band’s last album Tales From The Strip and guitarist Blades couldn’t be more excited!  They have a number of tracks to choose from and Blades assures an album with a variety of styles, while staying true to the L.A. Guns sound.

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