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Lost Society was signed by Nuclear Blast after their participation in Global Battle of the Bands, where they won their country’s competition and went to the finals in London. Someone videotaped their winning performance in the final round in their native Finland and uploaded it to YouTube. The guys were already recording their debut album Fast Loud Death in Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland when Nuclear Blast Europe contacted the band and after brief negotiations the contract was signed. TV music competition and social media has played a huge part in putting the band where they are now.

Lost Society 2It has all happened pretty fast for Lost Society. “I started the band in the beginning of 2010. It was me and a friend from school initially. We got a small training room in the local youth center at our home town of Jyväskylä. We jammed there quite intensively for a while. About six months later my friend decided to leave the band and I found the rest of the guys one after another” says Elbanna. The current lineup was finalized in the summer of 2011. The band has since recorded couple of demos in the rehearsal space and participated in few band competitions before their big break.

Even though the guys are young, between 17 and 19, the band sounds technically very mature. They have all played either in bands or in their garages for the past six years or so. Having been playing in several small bands has given them valuable experience in working with other musicians and allowed them to find their own style. Mirko the bassist has the least experience with his instrument as he had been playing only guitar before joining Lost Society.

The youthful energy of the music comes naturally for the young band. “It comes very naturally for us when we start writing songs,” says Elbanna, “the riffs usually come from me and the other guitarist Arttu and then we just start jamming on them and the songs are usually completed very fast. Our personal taste in music influences the songs and bring the energy into them.”  The most important measure for the songs is if they are fun to play or not. There’s advantage in being young and fearless. You don’t have anyone to please, you can do what you like and if it doesn’t work for you, you just scratch it and do something else. There aren’t expectations you have to live up to.

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Thrash metal is not the most common style in Finland even though there are thousands of metal bands there. Even though thrash is older as sub-style in metal, the members or Lost Society have been very interested in 80’s and 90’s music and especially metal.  “We all started listening to bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden and bands like those,” explains Elbanna, “it was natural for us to check out other genres from the same era. Thrash has impressed us all and for some reason it seems to find it’s way into all of our MP3 players. And that’s what we wanted to play also.”  Anthrax and Megadeth have been instrumental in defining the musical direction to all of the members of Lost Society. Recent re-emergence of thrash has also helped the band in finding new nuances in the genre.

A lot of the west coast thrash bands like Testament, Exodus and Death Angel had a lot of political and social messages in their lyrics.  Lost Society wants to follow the direction by keeping their lyrics diverse and bring up topical issues in their own lives. They don’t want to be preaching or try to give solutions, partly because their young ages and they acknowledge that they don’t exactly have wisdom and experience on their side. And more likely to see them performing at a pool party of a college than your political party’s fundraiser.

15x20The debut album of Lost Society was recorded and produced by Nino Laurenne who has worked with several big metal names in Finland. “It was great to work with him,” enthuses Elbanna, “he really knew his job and he has first hand experience in playing thrash in the 80’s. He understood what we wanted and was able to offer support and guidance whenever needed. The cover art for the album is by Ed Repka himself, who is known for legendary covers for Megadeth, Death and Municipal Waste to name a few. We sent an idea for the cover which he transformed into the final cover art. And it looks good!”   Fast Loud Death fulfills Lost Society’s vision of a real thrash album both sound wise and visually.

The band is currently eagerly waiting for the album to be released (3/15 in Europe 4/2 in US) and the spring and summer will bring a few gigs around Finland and a few festivals in Europe.  At the same time Lost Society is not resting on their laurels. “We’ll spend a lot of time at our rehearsal space,” says Elbanna, “we are constantly working on new songs and keep churning out new material very fast.”  The dream for all of them is to play music and make a living with it as long as possible. The best part of it is playing live and giving something to the audiences all over. Currently there are no plans for touring in the US, but the band is very eager to see how the album will be received both in Europe and in the US. They are hoping to get to experience touring life also in the US even though they don’t exactly know what to expect.

Lost Society are:
Samy Elbanna – Guitar & Vocals
Arttu Lesonen – Guitar
Mirko Lehtinen – Bass
Ossi Paananen – Drums

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