“Metal it Up” with AniMetal USA

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A funny thing has happened the last five years, metal is making a comeback.  Let’s face it, did you ever think you would see Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer on the same stage? Ever since metal was taken over by grunge in the early nineties, the sounds that we become accustomed to have had to take their seat on the back burner, which gives the hardcore fans a lot of frustration.

Many of the artists never actually died, well some did; but they just left the United States and played in Europe and Asia. In Japan, one of the hot beds of metal music, there have been many bands that were able to reinvent themselves and come back stronger than ever like Mr. Big (yea, that Mr. Big), which can sell out Japanese arenas of twenty thousand. However, since record companies in the United States care only about making money—and there is nothing wrong with that since it is a business—fans of metal music in the United States have had to put on the old eighties tunes and live the life from thirty years ago.

Now is the time to “Metal it Up” and bring the talent back to the USA and that is exactly what four men have done. Anime Metal has been very big in Asia, specifically in Japan, and with guitarist Chris Impellitteri, bass player Rudy Sarzo, drummer Scott Travis (later replaced by Jon Dette) and vocalist Michael Vescera, metal fans can now enjoy what Japan has been able to rock out to for years, with the creation of AniMetal USA. This is the first time that all four men worked together on an album, and the perfection of every note can be heard throughout the album.

In speaking with Chris Impellitteri, he stated that when he was approached with the idea of doing this album, he wanted to make sure it would be something he could sink his teeth into and really bring the metal out. He had a vision that was shared by Rudy Sarzo, and fans of Black Sabbath and Randy Rhodes, will hear many of the same sounds they came to love. Black Sabbath was what many call the godfathers of modern metal. What makes this genre so unique are the many sub-genres that come from it. No other genre in music is as versatile as metal. From death metal, black metal, pop metal, guitar metal, industrial metal and so on, any fan of loud, in-your-face music will find a home with metal.

Chris was able to take the songs that were already very popular in the Anime Metal scene and put the signature touches of all the members on each song. Now AniMetal USA would not be complete without costumes, and the band didn’t disappoint. Creating their own characters, the band members take the eighties makeup scene to a new level. The track listing looks like a spell book from Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z, which is also part of the entire package.

Metal fans can unite with the fact that metal music is making a loud and vocal comeback.  If you’ve been waiting for many years to finally break out the 1986 Iron Maiden Live after Death T-shirt, it’s time; wear it proud. Talent will also rise to the top, and the amount of talent that metal has, is matched by no other genre in music. Put down the damn cell phone lights in a concert and pull out the lighters. It is time to show the kids of today what is like to “Metal it Up!”


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