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These L.A. boys are already showing they have what it takes to compete with the heavyweights.

Having supported Judas Priest, who Singer Jay Buchanan describes as “Good, kind people” and Queensryche in the UK recently, they return to the land of the Metal Head, hoping to receive another warm welcome, (the Brits were gracious enough to accept the band on previous visits) when they support Black Stone Cherry early in 2012.

But, before they return to the UK and after a very short visit to Canada, Buchanan, Scott Holiday: guitar, Robin Everhart: bass/piano and drummer Michael Miley are returning to the studio (Arlan Shierbaum plays Wurlitzer and B3 on track 4 and track 10 of Pressure and Time).  Their last visit was (at the most) fifteen days writing and laying down tracks and six mixing.  “Nothing was pre written, or even discussed for the last record before we went into the studio,” explains Buchanan and that is the direction the band intends to take once again!  “Maybe someday we will do it differently, but these bands that spend seven months in the studio and another three to mix, that’s just balls.  When you do that the songs lose their charm and don’t forget we have to play them every night and for long periods of time.  This works for us right now, so that is what we are going to continue to do.  Scott and I already have lots of ideas that we are eager to share for the next record.”

Nashville will be the birthplace of the next Rival Grand Sons and if they turn out to be anything as genetically perfect as Burn Down Los Angeles and Save Me from the last litter, I predict this band will not be far away from world domination by the end of 2012!

So, if studio time is in February (not long at all) does that mean a release date very soon?  “We would love for that to happen, but it will not be likely, you know with everything involved and we are still supporting Pressure and Time.”  While Buchanan’s vocals are reminiscent of everything from Rod Stewart to David Coverdale, Chris Robinson to Robert Plant, he says “There are some influences that are not incidental, but Eric Burden, you know, from the Animals, is my biggest influence.”

The variety of different sounds are what keep the whole CD so interesting.  No one song is the same as another.  There is a little disco vibe to keep it boogy and enough rock to make you nod your head without leaving you with lasting damage. That said, most Screamer readers are beyond that already!

Along with essential screeching guitar (the ghost of Hendrix riding its wammy bar) the clothing adorning these four also has earlier influences.  “We didn’t ever make a conscious decision to dress in a particular way,” Buchanan defends his style choices, “we buy clothes and we do get clothes given to us by designers, but you know, being on the road, by the time you are half way through a tour it’s a down to putting your hand into a case, grabbing an item of clothing and doing the sniff test.  You wear whatever has the better smell!”  At this point I thank God that this is a phone interview.

It cannot go un-noticed that the artwork on the record cover for Pressure and Time is outstanding.  “YES!!  It is Storm Thorgerson,” enthuses Buchanan and rightly so, “who wouldn’t want to work with him. He has worked with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin after all.  He was a little hard to track down though, but with the help of our record label based in Nottingham, England (he is referring to Earache records) we eventually found him in South Africa and he was more than happy to work with us.”  Buchanan would not share with me the story behind the design, however.  “For that you will have to read the book” he suggests.  OK, but only if you send me a signed copy!

With the 2012 concert calendar quickly filling up, Rival Sons could soon be seen performing on a stage near you.

But be warned, this is a grown up band, best placed in front of an audience who get it musically and have left puberty behind the bike sheds, youth clubs and bus shelters.

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