NAMM 2019 – Interview With Brandon Davis of Bravo Delta

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Bravo Delta, a four piece outfit from released their first full length on February 1st.  Released without label backing, Unbreakable is a 13 track offering of melodic, driving, guitar fueled, edgy hard rock.  Brandon Davis, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, sat for a few minutes at the recent show to share a bit about the band and their new record.

Bravo Delta, the military radio call for the letters B and D, is also a euphemism for “balls deep”, which may or may not have had something to do with name of the band.  In existence for seven years, Davis tells about the band and a quick history of their experience, “We’ve put out two EPs, a couple of singles, we’ve got our first full length album, hitting all online retailers. We’ve toured with bands like Nothing More, done shows with The Used, Adelita’s Way, POD. We’ve had a couple of singles played on terrestrial radio over the last seven years, been heard on Octane.”  When asked what the band’s influences are and what other groups a new listener may hear in their songs, Davis shares, “As far as our influences, individually, it can range from the old stuff like Black Sabbath, I know Andy (Ingraham), our guitar player is a big Steve Vai fan, so there’s a lot of solos, a lot of intricate guitar work, on our stuff.  Some of my influences range anywhere from to Incubus, but as far as what people say they hear in us, we’ve heard comparisons to Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin.  I think  it’s because of the heavier guitar stuff, but with clean singing vocals.  There’s some prettier vocals in there occasionally and some screaming as well, still that radio friendly guitar stuff.”

Touring plans are on the near horizon for Bravo Delta, he continues, “we’re going to be doing some regional west coast stuff at the end of March.  June and July, we’re going to be going out and hitting the midwest and east coast as well, so we’ll be announcing those in the next month.”  The upcoming dates are planned as headlining shows, “For us right now, we go to play go to play that 300-400 capacity type thing, but we’re hitting markets like Dubuque, IA, Minnesota and Ohio, Indiana, these places where we’re generating current spins on radio.  We’re tag teaming with radio stations in those markets to do some promotional stuff, for us, that’s our main focus.”

In regards to the writing and recording process employed for Unbreakable, Davis perked up and affirmed, “This full length album, we didn’t use any producers or songwriters or anything, it was 100 percent produced and written by the band, which we’re really proud of.  But as far as the writing process, it kind of starts with an idea that either I or Andy have, often times I’ll have something that is based off a vocal melody and we transcribe it to the guitar later.  Then we kind of bring it to the other two guys (Brian Scott, drums and Roman, bass), they write their parts to it and contribute, then we get into a room together and kind of form and shape it.  We’re fortunate to have our own studio in Las Vegas, we’re able to write, rehearse and track in our own comfortable little area, so, we’re fortunate for that.  We track everything with Pro Tools, however, we use real mics, real instruments all this was done with actual tube amps, there’s some trigger stuff, but other than that, there’s no tricks, no production, it’s pretty raw, and we’re proud of that.”

Davis continues when prompted to differentiate between recording live basic tracks, and recording elements separately, We definitely try to strive to have that raw sound.  We take pride in the fact, you know, harkening back to the days of recording real drums and miking kits and miking amps, having that wall of sound kind of thing, but at the same time definitely appreciate things that you can do now.  There’s re-amping techniques you can be able to try four, five, six different kinds of amplifiers until you get the right tone that you like, so we do experiment with a few things like that and I do think that some of the technology that’s out there today is pretty damn amazing.”

Asked about what really excites about music, and more specifically, playing live, he states, “That’s my personal favorite part.  People ask us what they can expect from a Bravo Delta show, is, we’re pretty high energy, we’re not known for talking or banter.  It’s really just about the music and about the experience, which I think is really important, but actually connecting with people.  Most of the lyrics in our songs tell a story or might be socially conscious or talk about some sort of emotion.   I really try to connect on a human level with everybody that’s there, look in the and have this moment, which I think is really special, instead of just standing up there like a rock star, playing your instrument, like I’m a bad ass, fuck off.  It’s an experience I think it’s something special, the live show is 100 per cent where it’s at, and what makes it all worth it.”  Davis continues after some discussion about what the connection means to the audience, “That’s why people spend 50 bucks, and for some people, that might be a quarter of their paycheck this week, just to go watch this band.  They want to have that connection, that experience, and if you’re not providing that connection or a good experience, then what is it all for?”


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