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Bang Tango has a long history with Screamer Magazine, dating back to the late 80’s and although Joe Leste’ (vocals) is the only original member of that group, his fellow band mates embody the spirit of the original band.  Scott LaFlamme (guitar), Lance Eric (bass) and Trent Anderson (drums) are all accomplished musicians and are doing us old Bang Tango fans proud.  Their newest album, Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt is a hard-groovin’ record with a fatter bottom end than J-Lo and is certainly reminiscent of their earlier releases on MCA, but with a more modern sound.  The album contains 10 tracks that will get your ass shaking, head banging and Bic flicking, or for you posers, your smart phone lighters blazing.  Now…like every other band on the planet, this pack of road dogs is heading out to support the new record while holding nothing back.  Their shows are energetic, irreverent, fun and sometimes even funny!  Check out their website for upcoming dates.

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