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An impromptu checklist was required before this article could be completed

  • High Energy
  • Sex
  • Ripping Guitar
  • Leather
  • Beer
  • Inflated sense of self importance

Well, the first five can be checked off.  But the ego maniacs can keep the latter.  Bryan Fontez, singer/songwriter with Last Bullet, is definitely not that guy.

Now, imagine if you will, convulsing in your underwear with a pseudo microphone, in this particular instance a TV remote, while you hear your song played for the first time ever on FM radio.  Meet Bryan Fontez.  He definitely is that guy!

In light of this, Fontez could possibly be described as a little over reactive, however, in band camps this is probably more common than is admitted.  Fontez, along with band mates;  Brenden Anthony – lead guitar, Michael Silva – rhythm guitar, Will Shannon – Bass and Leo D – Drums, are some of the more honest ones.

So it seems that hearing your first record on the radio is pretty mind blowing.  Fortunately Fontez was not driving when this happened.

“100.3 The Bear in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is the first FM station in the world to play our independent record, Girls Gone Wild,”  Fontez enthuses.  “We approached Lochlin Cross, who is the music director with the station and he must have really liked it.  He took it to a station meeting and it is now being played pretty regularly, it really is amazing.”

Social networking site Twitter has played a big part in this recent media occurrence for the band.  Roy Galpin, a friend and self-proclaimed Publicist for the band has pushed Last Bullet tweets on every radio station, rock fan, topless cyber sexers and egg on the site.  Not in vain it would appear.  Not un-noticed by Fontez and his band mates either.  “We still find it amazing that people will use their own time and resources to promote us and expect nothing in return.  We don’t expect it.  We don’t ask for it. Roy is great, he has had so much input into where we are at right now, especially with getting us airplay.”

That must be pretty humbling, but the music speaks for itself in that respect.  People want to help because the music deserves it!  The sound is fresh, raw and addictive.  Last Bullet are catchy riffs, pulsating bass, heavy percussion and a singer who, were he singing for his supper, would never starve.

The music is Fontez.  You can hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes and smell it on the sweat infused leather he wears.  But none of those things would be apparent if it were not for a High School teacher.  “If it were not for that guy, I honestly would not be here talking,” Fontez is very serious.  “He taught me passion, honesty and inspiration.  It really was quite late happening for me.”

Better late than never and when music finally lured he chose well when it came to further inspiration.

“Chris Cornell from Soundgarden is definitely in my top three vocally.  Even now he can still hit all the notes and Dave Grohl, still a humble guy, overwhelmed when he played Wembley stadium even after all the success he has had.  I am also a drummer; I have been playing for twelve years,” Fontez makes the connection.

So, with the recent airplay and more coming, is there also a tour on the horizon?  “We would love to play shows outside of Toronto.  We recently opened here for Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions) and Bleeker Ridge and we have a show coming up with Faster Pussycat.  We are doing the Toronto take over February through March 2012, but it really would be great to play in other places.”

This is where being independent quells the flow.  Last Bullet has so far financed themselves in everything, from promotions to production of the Last Bullet EP (engineered and produced by Chris Snow and Harry Hess) to photography and flyers.

“At this time, I think it is really important to get the message out on social networking sites,” Fontez is adamant.  “We need to show the record companies that we can get large followings, that way they know it’s real.  We need to get follows, on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, all those sites.”

So, by the time recording of the new songs start in April 2012 and they are released in May/June 2012, Last Bullet will doubtless have many more followers and the radio play will have shot them a little closer to rock stardom.

In the meantime the hard work and self-promotion continues, with the help of those who believe.  With spirits a little on the low side after having just lost out in the second round, of a live contest in the Hard Rock Rising, Battle of the Bands 2012, Last Bullet issued this press release on Facebook immediately after the decision was announced.

”We didn’t win, but we’re not upset and you shouldn’t be either!  We gotta go through things like this in order to truly appreciate success when it finally comes. A huge thank you for all the time, votes and support you’ve all shown and given us.  We appreciate everything you do. Thank you very much!  And get ready for huge things…

Playing Russian roulette appears to be paying off.  Anyone associated with this Last Bullet is already a winner, in the very sense of the word.

@LastBulletMusic on Twitter

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