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There are places in New York City that you would not want to be.  Dark alleys, small side roads and dirt tracks that all have a dodgy reputation, they are not well lit and could be home to trash bags full of, well who knows.  But we reckon you would be OK hanging around this Wildstreet.  They are fairly reputable, well lit and full of entertainment, if not slightly trashy in appearance.

When Screamer Magazine caught up with them, Wildstreet were literally hanging out on the streets in the back of a van, after just completing a twenty hour drive through the night and across a vast expanse of the USA to get home to New York.  A mini tour; six live shows in ten days, had preceded the arduous drive and Ali Hassan; bass and Eric Jayk; lead vocals were obviously flagging.  Brian Beck; drums and guitarists; Ian MacPherson and Aaron Joos were presumed sleeping at this time!

“We have been working as we travelled, in addition to playing live, writing and demo-ing, that kind of thing.”  Hassan, who apparently never stops working, told Screamer.  “I will be doing some more of the same as soon as I get home.  On top of that we have more live shows already scheduled for this year, 2012.”  A phased sounding Jayk added, “2012 will be our fifth Rocklahoma appearance, where in previous years, we have shared a stage with the likes of ZZ Top, Godsmack and Buckcherry and we will be playing shows in and around the mid-West and Texas close to that show.  We are lending our support to A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister) at ‘Fallen Blue,’ a benefit for fallen police officers and their families too.  That is coming up in Baltimore, Maryland on May 9th 2012.”

Wildstreet describe their music as universal.  “We have several generations attending our shows.  We make music for all ages,” urges Jayk.  With a look very similar to that of 1988 hair metal bands, some would be not altogether encouraged by that statement and Jayk is insistent that his look came a good time prior to an introduction to Hanoi Rocks front man and solo artist Michael Monroe.  “I am honored to think that people compare me, Michael is a great artist, but my look is just a personal evolution.”  Jayk’s demeanor is lifted momentarily from his apparent exhaustion.  Wildstreet do play fist pumping, rocking tunes.  They have the theatrical element and the look is interesting and eye catching.  There is not so much in the way of aggression and blasphemy.  Why then do they remain un-signed?

“We are waiting for the right offer from the right label.  When it comes along we will consider it.  Until then we remain independent.”  Jayk is adamant in his stance on this.

Un-deterred by the independent status, tracks from Wildstreet II: …Faster….Louder, a follow up to The Retrospect Records EP Wildstreet, released in 2009, have received airplay on TBS, E!, MTV and a personal appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is in the bag.

There is a real possibility of a full length CD close to Fall 2012 and more live shows to be announced for the year very soon.

Drummer Brian Beck parted company, on good terms with Wildstreet only a few days after this interview and while they have a temporary replacement, the band is presently auditioning for a permanent drummer.


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