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Dark Station haven’t even hit the road as a band yet and they are already blowing up YouTube with four music videos. The guys are now getting ready to begin a tour with Another Lost Year and their debut release, Down in the Dark will be available at the end of October. Let’s meet the band, and then after their star has risen we can say we “knew them when.”  Hailing from Southern California, Dark Station first collaborated in the spring of 2018, with Nathan Spades on vocals, Kyle Ort and David Bruno on guitars, Eric Sinful on bass and Dylan Roy on drums. Their names and faces might be familiar to some since at the time, they were all involved in other projects but felt that something was missing and were eager to jump at the chance to try something new.  According to Spades, “I think we all knew it was time to take a different route stylistically and we knew that our current acts wouldn’t get us the success we wanted.”

l to r: Eric Sinful, Kyle Ort, Nathan Spades, David Bruno and Dylan Roy

Dark Station immediately got down to the business of writing as soon as they got together to start this new project. As Spades shared “Kyle and Gus [Cryns, producer]  would normally write the track and I would go in for the vocals after and try some things out.” Spades added that they had no specific theme or sound that they were trying to achieve, which adds to the anticipation of what will come next from the band: “We had absolutely no clue what we were going for. It all just came together. That makes us very excited about the future.” The obvious next step would be to lay down those tracks and the band got together with Cryns in North Hollywood. “It took some months, but it was always fun,” said Spades. “I was going through some dark times and you can hear it.”

The first video release from the album, Heroes, was also one of the first songs written alongside producer Gus Cyrns. The video, directed by Erez Bader depicts the band performing like puppets on a string in front of  a small judgmental audience. Nathan has stated that the song is about how artists and performers always have to deal with being told by others how they should do things, with the underlying message being that Dark Station are doing their music their way and not trying to fall under the influence of those trying to force their ideas on them. The band followed this video up with the next single Obvious, of which Spades has said, “It’s me having to force myself to admit something I had known all along. As if it was inevitable that something as pure and as beautiful as a relationship could be extremely toxic when blinded by love. When it becomes clear though, no matter how strong that feeling is, it hits hard and you can finally start to see it all for what it really is.” The video has a creepy abandoned warehouse vibe that they describe as a combination of A Perfect Circle’s Judith and Nine Inch Nails Closer.

The band describes their sound as a blend of Deftones, My Chemical Romance and Breaking Benjamin, and while some of those influences can most definitely be heard at times, Dark Station has most certainly made their sound their own. Heavy guitar blended with melodic vocals will have a familiar sound to listeners but each song has a different feel that keeps the anticipation high of what is on the horizon for this band as they continue to grow. They are not even two years old yet, so there is clearly much to look forward to.

Video number three shows the band taking a more sensitive turn with No Life, a song about struggling with the demon of addiction. As Spades has stated, “Sometimes, when you’re really caught in your own head, you need to hear sad things to help you overcome it…the goal for the video was to give the viewer a clear vision of how real and raw life can be. Sometimes when we’re so caught up with everything we have going on, we forget about the people around us that might need us as much as we need them. The amount of suicides and overdoses that happen annually is a frighteningly high number.” 

Spades shared that, “ All the videos, except for Obvious, came from treatments that Kyle has asked me to write. I just gave my ideas on what was in my head and our director Erez Bader brought them to life.” With each video, we see a different side of the band, proving that they are no one trick pony. The fourth single released off of Down in the Dark is Villain, a song inspired by the movie Venom and the dichotomy of the relation of Eddie Brock and Venom. “I would automatically say that Villain is my absolute favorite. When we made that song was when I was sure that this was going to work.” The video itself has a very cinematic quality to it, with Spades being taken over by a darkness, robbing a convenience store and eventually finding a way to release the darkness within, and the band feels that perhaps this song deserves a spot on the soundtrack to a superhero film. 

According to Spades, the superhero genre might be right up his alley, as he says, “I love collecting blades, daggers, etcetera. Disneyland and other theme parks are something I really love as well. I am a pretty big nerd, so video games and movies are also something I’m big on. I love to be spontaneous.” However, he may not have time for a lot of spontaneity in the near future, as the album drops on October 25th and the tour with Another Lost Year is slated to begin. As of the date of this interview, no dates had been announced yet. “We will be announcing it as soon as we find out,” said Spades. “We’re waiting on the confirmation of the venues and dates at the moment.” Spades is looking forward to getting on the road for the first time, saying, “Well, everyone else has been on a tour but me. I would say I’m most excited about having fun and doing this as a group. I love being around these guys, probably more than they understand. It’s what I want my life to be.”

Spades says that touring is not the only new thing on the table for Dark Station in the following months, but fans will have to wait a bit to see what that might be. “There are definitely things brewing that I can’t speak of at the moment,” he said. “But we have a few more tricks up our sleeve.” He did share, however, “We could possibly have another music video coming your way in the next year. Follow us on Spotify, subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our email list for a special album release experience starting October 14th at our website It’s free to sign up.” And what that entails is access to the lyrics and clips of the songs before the general public as well as an inside look at the process of writing the album and behind-the-scenes content from all of the music videos, all leading up the album’s official release on October 25th. Merch and pre-orders of the album are available at the band’s website as well. 

Although up to this date the band has only been found on the stage of the internet, a quick look at their social media and YouTube comments shows that there are plenty of people already anxious for the chance to see the band live. It seems the future is bright for Dark Station, and their train hasn’t left the station.

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