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Artist Still resize CROP has been pounding the pavement since 2006 releasing two EP’s as well as couple of singles. According to Palangi, this is how his musical journey began: “ Well, I was coming out of high school in 2006 so I started doing my own home recordings, buying gear and learning the process. I had made two demo albums and one two-song CD during that time. I started first playing out in small coffee houses, open mics, benefits on local TV and restaurants. I did work a regular job at a YMCA but quit that in 2008 to pursue music more. I worked for a DJ company after that, filming events and playing music as well.”

Many artists hope that passing along a copy of their album to someone will get their foot in the door somewhere and that has been just Palangi’s luck. “Things really changed in 2010 when I met the Grammy-nominated band Day of Fire at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY,” he said. “Josh, the lead singer who is from the band Full Devil Jacket, took my demo CD that I gave to him and said he’d listen to it on their 16-hour ride back to Tennessee. A few days pass and their producer, Rogers Masson contacts me and we start discussing recording a debut EP to release to the public. That really made me focus on music full-time and start to make a career of it and enter the world of professional studios and working with people in the industry.”

Soon, Palangi was on his way to Tennessee to start recording and got the rock star treatment. “It was awesome and exciting! I flew to Nashville for the first time ever being on a plane! I was thrown into this professional studio that many famous acts have recorded in and they even ran out and got my lunch for me! Shinedown flew in the night I left to finish some tune, I remember. “

IMG_0009 CROP“The Nashville experience as I call it is pretty sweet!”, adds Palangi. “The lifestyle, the food, the people. I learned more about the recording process and tracking vocals. Day of Fire was one of my influences and getting to work with them was very cool! My voice was a bit different, as you notice from I’m Waiting to Driving These Lines to my second EP because I hadn’t fallen into my natural sound. Josh Brown helped me with writing and vocal lessons for a bit between the recordings.”

From that point on, Palangi became a busy man, drawing attention from many artists of varying genres.  As he said,“After that EP came out, I started getting national shows and more gigs to maintain a steady income. Jesse Malin from D-Generation was the first act I got to open for, then Trapt, Fuel, Young Guns, 3 Doors Down, Powerman 5000, Aaron Lewis, Buckcherry, and others. I worked with different producers and people from different bands after my first EP, leading to new connections. I’m proud of what I’ve gotten to accomplish and I owe a lot to my fan base and online community. They really help push my material out there.”

His newest single, Break These Chains, to be released on August 28th was produced by Brian Craddock of Daughtry, another of Palangi’s influences. According to Palangi, “It was what I was craving for, to work with one of my influences and get into the studio again with someone who’s been through it all. The experiences was amazing, recording at the Cat Room in Virginia. Brian is a cool guy and very energetic. He does a killer guitar solo toward the end of the track. Blad Blackwood mastered the track, who has a monster list of mainstream artists he’s worked with and bands that I l love.” Palangi performs the vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, with Craddock on lead guitar and background vocals, and Scotty Derrico on drums.

Break These Chains has a more aggressive and harder sound than most of Palangi’s previous work.“This new song, to me, is my next step in my career as a writer and musician. It’s got a solid modern mix and more commercial sound also. I remember I wrote the track on Thanksgiving in about fifteen minutes all the way until the chorus ends and thinking, ‘This is pretty cool and a bit different than what I’ve done before.” The song has already won the Best Metal/Pop Song Category at the Akademia Music Awards in May.

is a positive force in the world of rock and roll, and he isn’t afraid of that label. Unlike many artists, he has actually shared his mission statement on his website: “ Well, I’m not just about making the music to get loads of money, and wanting to become some famous musician for the spotlight. My desire is to stand for a positive image and influence for fans. Saying to people to follow their dreams and to live the life you want to…whether you’re a fan of rock music or not, I find people from all genres liking my message.”

Frank_FinalbPalangi says that he has no plans to produce a full-length album anytime soon. According to him, “I honestly stick with just making EP’s because it keeps things fresh and when sending out to radio or trying to get what’s left of the labels to notice you, they don’t listen to the full CD. I do focus on each song like they are a single, even though they are together. I believe you get a better song out of it than worrying if it will fit or not. I do have plans for a new EP though, with Break These Chains on it. I’ve already got more songs being written. Live It Up I have almost complete, which is a hard rock, old-schoolish tune and a track called Red White and Blue in development. You might see a remixed newer version of Hope and Falling Too on there as well, since they were never on an EP. Brian Craddock will be returning, mixing the material as well. I think my music really clicks with his knowledge and talent as a mixer and producer.”

While he has had the opportunity to share the stage with many of his influences, his favorite experience so far has been, “Opening for 3 Doors Down (Songs From the Basement tour). It was the type of show I love playing for because it was acoustic-based. It was sold out and the interaction with the audience was amazing! I got to meet the band and watch their set from the side of the stage, which was awesome! It was the first time I had ever seen them live as well, but I’d been a huge fan for years, waiting to see them. When the show was finished and I got down from the elevators, there was a mob of people in the lobby waiting for me to meet them. I was like, ‘I wonder what’s going on here’, and soon realized , ‘Dang! They are waiting for me!’ I love interacting with fans and was the best show I’ve played yet.”

858521_10152289353120086_2058943324_o CROPAs to why he he has chosen music as his profession, he said, “I love the feeling, creativity and freedom. You get to do what you want by expressing yourself. I love all sides of music, from the playing to writing to the recording process. I almost consider how I write like composing in a way, because I’m putting all the pieces together and working on each instrument.” In addition to music, Palangi’s other passion is, “Film. I love film work. Behind the camera, or acting as well. Another great creative way to express life.”

Looking to the future, Palangi shared, “Right now, I’d like to land on a tour with a national artist being a supported act, or hit up various national acts opening for them. It would allow me to reach that one audience I’ve been trying to more full-time. I’m in the North Eastern area of the US, so I tend to be stuck there because of traveling budgets. I’d like to be a musical guest on one of those late night shows as well. More radio play, interviews, press is always a good thing too!”

Palangi is very active on his social media accounts and personally responds to fans and posts. Make sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. In closing, he says to the readers of Screamer, ” I appreciate you all reading and supporting indie music. I aim to continue to release new singles, EP’s and music videos for the future, so keep connected on my social media to stay up to date and hope to hear from you soon!”

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