GWAR’s Matt Maguire Talks Comics, Crowdfunding and Carnage

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unnamedThose who are familiar with the twisted enterprise that is GWAR should also know about the “Slave Pit,” a team of artists and musicians that have helped GWAR be as evil as possible throughout the years. Matt Maguire is a well known member of this team who joined in 1993. He went on small tours as a slave/tech until 1994 when he was hired on full time. In 1995, he became the stage manager for the GWAR live shows. He has also been one of the lead fabricators in the Slave Pit for many years now drawing comics, making props, doing videos, and creating merchandise for the mail order department. Given his extensive background with the band, it makes perfect sense that he is one of the people working on a new GWAR comic called GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON.

GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON is a 4-issue full-color GWAR comic book series that Maguire is currently working on  along with writer Matt Miner (Toe Tag Riot, Critical Hit), artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (Welcome Back, Critical Hit), colorist Marissa Louise (RoboCop, Escape from New York), letterer Taylor Esposito (Batman Eternal, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and editor Brendan Wright (Archie vs. Predator, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight). The comic is being financed via crowdfunding site Maguire explains that the idea for the comic came about when “Matt Miner and I met last year to talk about another project. After a few phone calls Matt suggested that we try a Kickstarter for a GWAR comic. We laughed, we cried , we ate some pizza, then after a series of arm wrestling matches  we forgot what we were talking about and decided to just go make a comic.”

The Kickstarter Campaign now has $45,957 pledged exceeding the $39,000 goal and 666 backers. The campaign ended November 24th 2016. Maguire explains that the satanic number is not entirely a coincidence:  “ It’s funny at about 9:00 pm the last night of the Kickstarter  Matt Miner and I noticed that it was close to 666, so we rallied and got the fans to make it come in at that number. We would like to thank all the folks out there for pledging their hard earned cash to make this project happen. We have been wanting to get back into the comic world for years.” However, despite the association, Satan will not be making an appearance in the comic book: “As far as Satan goes GWAR already kicked his butt and took over the underworld, so why would we let that androgynous pretty boy into our comic!?”

Maguire is super excited that the Kickstarter campaign went so well. He elaborates, “Miner’s done a few for other comic projects, he really knows how to push and promote. We are really happy that it was success and a new GWAR comic will be coming out next year hopefully around the summertime.” Maguire discusses how crowdfunding allows for more creative freedom: “You have more control of the project for sure. I do think that more people will start going this way for the smaller projects. Crowdfunding lets people support the projects that they care about. Its perfect for GWAR our fans know what they want!”

As far as what’s next for the project now that they have reached their funding goal Maguire elucidates, “Now we roll up the sleeves and get to work! And surpassing our goal will make the comic that much cooler, hopefully with more variant covers and artwork from other Slave Pit artists. We have an outline and are starting to write parts now. Matt Miner will be writing the story I will be helping him. We have started breaking down the issues and we will start to flush out the main story. Each issue will have mini stories in it as well, one being a reprint of Bob Gorman’s Zipperpig story from Slave Pit Funnies. That was Our comic series in the 90’s. We will also have new short stories from other Slave Pit Artists.”

gwar-matt-maguire-pageAs for the story, Maguire gives a hint about the plot: “ It’s related to the last record , our main bad guy it the time traveling genetically altered human for the the future Mr. Perfect! He will be sending GWAR through time and space in attempt to destroy GWAR and take over the universe. Typical bad guy stuff really. We have not figured out if it will be a stand alone story or be part of the [overall Gwar] Mythos. With a time travel story you do have the freedom to end it any way you want. But I think we will tie it in some how.”According to the Kickstarter, the comic will feature GWAR “Straight outta Antarctica, as they bumble their way through time, making friends, killing friends, and drowning the entire human timeline in blood, bile, and, err . . . other fluids.”

If it is successful there will most likely be more than the 4 comics. Maguire describes, “I hope so! GWAR has a lot more stories to tell. Comics have been at the root of GWAR and we need to be back in the comic world. I would like to start a new series and do comics every month. With a new record and new show in the works this new comic will add to all the sick fun our fans crave!”

Given Gwar’s movies like Phallus in Wonderland and Skulhedface, it seems natural that this comic could also become a series or a film. Maguire is enthusiastic about the idea, although there is nothing in the works yet. “That would be awesome! We should have a animated show on Adult Swim or FX. GWAR was originally a movie idea from Hunter Jackson. The Scumdogs of the Universe was the title of the movie. The root ideas of GWAR came from that, so it would make sense that it should be a movie with a big budget and lots of blood and explosions!!  Oh and T-Rex’s with robots and women beating up everything… wait what was the question? Oh yeah movie! Yes all for it!”

So be sure and stay tuned for more mayhem from the GWAR camp!

The kickstarter campaign is still viewable at GWARKICKSTARTER.COM

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