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Former Dio members and have teamed up with ex-Lynch Mob singer Chas West and former Dokken bassist to form a new band, , with an album lined up for release on January 29, 2016 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Each musician a virtuoso within their own right, it’s easy to see the sense in their collaboration for their self-titled album. The resulting album is an impressive example of classic hard rock with a contemporary production and edge. Think Whitesnake 1987 mixed with Dio’s Dream Evil, with a touch of classic Zeppelin and Rainbow and you will not be far from the end result. But don’t take our word for it. Check out their recently released music video for their single, Who Did You Run To, to get a feel for their upcoming album.

How did four notable musicians from the 80’s come together to form this project, you may ask? We spoke with guitarist to find out. “Well it started with an email from Serafino, the president of Frontiers [Records],” Goldy began. “He was asking me if I’d like to do a recording with a few other famous guys from the 80’s. The most attractive part was that he wanted it to be kind of like a Whitesnake/Deep Purple/Dio/Rainbow kind of sound and that was like ‘Yeah, absolutely!’ So I was very happy to do that and little by little the singer and bass player fell through, so we had to find a new singer and bass player. Chas West and , I had seen them play several years ago doing some Led Zeppelin songs and I thought ‘Wow, those guys sounded so good!’ So back then, we were gonna try to put a band together and a lot of scheduling conflicts came up and it fell through. I thought I’d call them and see if they were available. Fortunately, they were available. Lucky enough, both Chas and Sean were available and the drummer that was originally scheduled fell through. At the time, I was doing a recording schedule with Vinny and I asked him if he would be interested in recording some of the songs with us and he agreed. It was through friendship and past experiences and a mutual respect of one another. Chas and I had actually written some songs together which ended up on the album, Livin’ Out Loud. And it was originally going to be sung by somebody else… and I was okay with it, but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It came together as a result of people dropping out but I think it’s a much stronger line-up now.”

With a solid history of friendship behind them, Goldy said the experience of working along-side his Resurrection King bandmates was a valuable one. “It was great! Vinny and I have stayed friends and him and I have gotten closer over the years and we’ve done a few other projects together and that’s been great and he’s played so well on this… I couldn’t be prouder. Him and Sean, we did it kind of old-school where the drums and bass were done first, then the guitar, then the keyboards and then the vocals were added,” Goldy said. “So it was a nice mixture between memories of the past, current respect, and current friendship, and these guys just being world-class players and basically a virtuoso in their own right. I mean Chas, we were doing concerts for the band Hollywood Allstars, also Vinny had been a part of Carlos Cavazo, Jeff Pilson, guys like that. So I got a chance to do a weeks worth of touring with that band and I could hear Chas just singing all the notes! One of the guys from the bands we were covering who weren’t able to do it anymore, he was doing it night after night. I don’t think it’s a global understanding that that’s the kind of singer Chas is. So I look forward to people understanding the true talent behind Chas and Sean.”

When asked what fans of his past work should expect from his latest project, Goldy said, “This wouldn’t be the stamp that says ‘Hey, this is Craig Goldy and this is what I stand for 100%.’ But it’s a very good start! Livin’ out Loud was the beginning stages of when I wanted to kind of put together a band of my own. When I spoke at Ronnie’s first public memorial, I mentioned to the fans that I had learned so much by working with him side-by-side that when I do anything original, I would hope to be able to pour into it what he poured into me into that project in such a way that I hope could only make him proud. So there are two songs that I did as my own tribute to Ronnie that really make that statement. And then I have my own band as a result of that. But there are portions of this where I don’t think much of my best soloing has ever been captured before and there’s a hint of that in this record. I don’t think some of my best song-writing has been captured before and there’s a hint of that on this record because of some of the songs I co-wrote with Chas and the producer Alessandro Del Vecchio. Then there’s a hint of recording techniques that have never been heard before. There are times on this album where at any given point there’s actually 29 guitar parts going on simultaneously. But you’d never know it. It’s just that you’d know if they weren’t there.”

As one would expect from a group of musicians so deeply rooted in the 80’s, much of their inspiration was drawn from the stand-out rock groups from the decade. “I would say what we there are some Zeppelin pieces there. I think there are some Dokken and Lynch Mob bits and pieces. Kind of a heavy metal Foreigner and heavy metal Journey. White Snake, Deep Purple, Rainbow… so it is a mixture of already existing entities. A new mixture of already existing entities does not constitute uniqueness; however, uniqueness is how you go about it. The way Vinny played on it, the way Alessandro wrote, the way Sean played, the way Chas sang, how I was kind of able to stretch my wings on here in my writing, recording, and soloing, and the twists and turns in some of these songs. These all bring sort of unexpected elements so that way it’s not the same old, same old,” Goldy explained.

Goldy said that the band which initially started as a side-project has had the potential to grow into something much deeper. “Because we do like each other and we were so surprised with the little gem that we’ve created here almost by accident… the great thing is that when everybody says yes to doing this, they’ll do their best. Something happened that made us say ‘You know what? We might have something more here. Let’s see where we can take this.’ So we’re in the midst of trying to find a manager and a booking agent and try to find out where the holes in our scheduling are where we can kind of do concerts as ,” said Goldy.

Chas West

Chas West

With 2016 just around the corner, Goldy left us with sentiments of what he hopes will come of the New Year. His hopes for the future traced etchings from his past and his experiences in working with Ronnie James Dio. “I’d definitely like to have my band come out because that would make the biggest statement. What I said at the memorial service about working side-by-side with Ronnie James Dio… I’ve learned so much that I’d like to be able to utilize everything that I’ve learned in a way that would make him proud and that would make the Dio fans proud and happy. Those two songs that I did as my own personal tribute started that and I just want to make sure that whatever it is that I do… There’s a band called Dio’s Disciples where we kind of keep Ronnie’s memory alive by playing his music and there was also a way about him. The way he treated his fans, the way he would give interviews, the way he would treat the music industry personnel. He wasn’t a rock star. He was a great human being who happened to become a rock star. And that’s the kind of thing that I want to keep alive. That way about him won’t die. And that’s what I hope will shine through the most, not only next year but for the rest of my time on this Earth as a musician.”

Equipped with great talent and a great attitude to match, Goldy and the rest of Resurrection Kings are likely to continue paving their way through success– having struck the perfect chord between classic rock and a contemporary edge.

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