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Swedish hard rockers Sister Sin made it 13 years before major road burn out caused them to disband, just as major opportunities loomed.  Though, as vocalist says, you can’t force a band to continue the relentless pace of writing, recording and touring for multiple cycles when the passion is gone.

Sister Sin broke up in 2015, leaving Sin disappointed but understanding of the outcome.  After some self-reflection and a breather, the thirst for the road returned and she pressed forward with new solo material signing with Swedish label Despotz Records.

Her first solo record, Follow Me is now available introducing a much heavier sound.  Collaborations with Destruction’s Schmier on Killing Ourselves to Live and guest vocals by The 69 Eyes Jyrki 69 on the cover of Fight’s Immortal Sin adds smashing sound to the 11 tracks.

On Follow Me’s heavier direction, “I started over again.  I didn’t wanna do a copy of Sister Sin.  I wanted to try heavier music.  I love the music Sister Sin plays, there’s a lot of rock n roll [and] energy but I [wanted] to go heavier.”

The record starts like a hard punch to the face with no intro, build up or warning. “Exactly, I thought when people see that Liv is doing something else they probably think I’d go more pop or pop rock.  That’s what people think when a lead singer does a different project.  I said no, I’ll go heavier instead.”

If Sister Sin will reunite, “I don’t know actually.  I haven’t talked to the guys and for me right now it’s not an option.  I want to do and promote this.  Sometime in the future maybe, but it won’t come from my side.”

The live set will be a mix, “I’ll throw in one or two Sister Sin songs.  I’m still on stage for the fans and I know they want to hear some Sister Sin stuff.”

On covering Immortal Sin, “I’m a fan of Halford.  I think some of the Fight stuff is forgotten and a bit underrated.  When you think of Halford you think of Judas Priest and Resurrection but you don’t think so much about Fight.  It’s nice to do something that people [are] like, oh right, the Fight song.”

The video has sort of a gangster vibe, “Yeah a little bit, Mafia and assassins style, definitely.”  It could be described as a “a play the song or I’ll kill you” kind of thing.  “Yeah, I like that people have to stop and think.  Do I get this or not?  I think it’s cool, to leave it open a little bit.” It was filmed outside Stockholm at Upsala College.

On a solo career being imminent after Sister Sin ended, “I had to stop and think a little bit.  I was very surprised and very sad when Sister Sin broke up.  It took awhile to get back on my feet.”  Sin had offers for other projects and material sent to her.  “I had to take a few steps back.  I really wanted it to be something from my heart and my vision.”

On the break up, “We were all very tired.  We were one of the most touring bands in Sweden.   We’ve done all these van tours.  It’s been pretty damaging to tour for months in a van year after year.  I understand how it was for [them].  I kind of felt they couldn’t find any enjoyment in touring anymore.  It took me a couple weeks then I wanted to get back out again.  That’s how I am.  In the end it’s their decision and was for the best.”

Sister Sin had lots of attention after Mayhemfest 2015.  “We had interest from five labels.  That’s something I get a little bit frustrated about.  We were so close then we stopped. If it’s destiny, then it’s for the best anyway.  It is what it is.”

The U.S. won’t see Sin until 2018, “The label I’m on now is Swedish, before it was American.  We actually toured more in America than Europe.  Now the focus is on Europe, but we are planning and looking into coming to America in 2018.”

The inspiration for Let Me Out came when Sin was watching coverage of Syrian refugees trying to escape to Sweden, with survival in question. It also made her think about the different things and situations people get themselves into and how they try to get out of them, not always thinking about how their decisions affect others.

Doing social media on tour, “I wish we could go back to when we just played.  I know today you have to do more than that.  It’s a good interaction and a good source for getting things out with fans.  I absolutely love the idea [of] communicating closely with your fans, but sometimes it gets a bit pressuring.  Sometimes I just want to close down my accounts, everything and just tour and play.”  Despite road schedule, Sin appreciates the opportunities to communicate with fans through social media, “Most are very nice and write nice things.  It’s good to talk to people and you can make them happy and they make you happy.”

Staying in shape on the road, “I mostly do this in the venue, since we’re always in a van, when we go to hotels they have small gyms, etc.  I try to do small sessions, 15-20 minutes, to keep myself in shape and keep my muscles working.”

Road indulgences, “I love chocolate, when you’re hot in the van or extremely hungry.  It’s irresistible.” The sugar kick helps.  “We’re not very still for a show.  I jump around for 45 minutes.”

They toured with Arch Enemy when Angela was vocalist but she would love to tour with them again.  “It would be amazing to hook up and tour again.  That would be one of my dream tours; otherwise I would love to go out with Judas Priest.  That would be amazing.”

Sin grew up on heavier bands like Pantera and Slayer and had a girl band as a teen.  “I loved the heavy, harder aggressive music.  Then I got older and into bands like Motley Crue and Skid Row, that’s how I found Doro (Pesch).  I always knew of Doro and Warlock because I love rock n’ roll.  When I got older and had a broader view, I listened to more kinds of music, then Doro.  We’ve toured and played many shows with her, she’s amazing.  She’s a role model for me because she’s still in the business and been [there] for a long time.”

Her advice for aspiring metal singers, “To anyone who wants to sing in a metal band, you have to be really careful with the voice.  I’ve been in surgery once and I couldn’t sing for a year [which] was devastating.  Fortunately for me that was before Sister Sin got a record deal, otherwise it would be devastating to your music to tell your label and fans that you can’t tour for a year.  It’s really important for anyone who wants to sing that they warm up and be careful with alcohol and drugs.  You have to sleep more than everyone else.  You have to be quiet for most of the day which is really boring.  So you’re gonna be the most boring person in the band offstage [but] the coolest person on stage.”

Her interest in Egyptology goes way back, “Since I was really young.  Maybe five years old, I could read very early.  I read all the books in the library and I love books about ancient Egypt.  Everything in my library was about Egypt and I wanted to be an archaeologist, but then changed my mind and wanted to be rock star.”

They’re focusing on live shows for the rest of 2017 but new music is planned for 2018.  “We’ve already started working on songs.”

On Sin’s idea of a vacation, “I love vacations, but I have to go somewhere.  I can’t have a vacation at home, I just keep working.  I have to go to Spain or the States or Thailand.  I have to go somewhere or see something.”

Sin wants to cover the globe going to Japan, China and both tour and travel in South America, Asia and India.

On influences she would like to meet and have met, “Rob Halford, I met Dee Snider which was a moment for me, but wish I could’ve talked to him more, I just said hi and got his autograph.”

She’s in it for the long haul, “I hope to be a singer for life.  It’s up to my throat.  I see myself as a musician for life.”

Final words, “I really hope that if we come to America in 2018 people will come out and enjoy the show.  I want people to dig it and head bang.  I hope people will come and I’ll come out and say hello. That would be awesome.”




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