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Vamps 2015 b smallWith four albums under their belt and numerous tours are kicking ass and taking names. Formed by L’Arc-en-Ciel vocalist HYDE and Oblivion Dust guitarist K.A.Z in 2008, is an alternative/hard rock band from Japan that released their first single  Love Addict on July 2, 2008. The pair had been working together on HYDE’s solo career since 2003. Since the two had worked together already, one might wonder what prompted them to create as  a completely separate project from HYDE’s solo stuff. HYDE replied, “In general, a band who has a long history tends to stay in their style and does not try to change.  If we respect the other member’s opinions and wait for them to change their mind, we sometimes miss the chance to try new things. , however, were formed with members who have [the] same ambition, so we can move together whenever we want.” K.A.Z added, “ I enjoying working for different bands at the same time because these bands find a new side of me and I can create new type of songs as well.”

Currently, the band is touring in support of their latest release BloodSuckers which dropped on October 29, 2014. This April they hit the states along with Sixx:AM and Finland’s Apocalyptica starting in San Francisco on April 8 at The Regency Ballroom.  For those who may not know, Sixx AM is Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s solo band that was created after he wrote his autobiography The Heroin Diaries. invited Sixx AM to Japan first, and now Sixx AM is returning the favor by inviting to the states. After a performance at Budokan Sixx had this to say about it: “Sixx:A.M. just played our first Japanese show ever with in Tokyo…They really gave us our first opportunity to play in front of so many rock fans in Japan. We now want to extend the same for them by bringing them out on tour with us. We can’t wait for our fans to discover them all across the U.S.” When Screamer asked HYDE about this he replied, “Yes,..I am [a] huge Nikki Sixx fan, and that was conveyed to them.” K.A.Z added that they are really looking forward to this tour.

VampsPic smallVamps are a band that understands the importance of a kick ass live performance so American fans can expect a pretty awesome live show from them. Further evidence of this can be found on their numerous live DVD’s. One might wonder if the band feels like there is something unique about the live performance that doesn’t translate onto their albums? To this HYDE replied, “We always tour with a new production and a different stage set, so we film every tour, to keep them as records.  Also, our performance continues to progress, so we would like to show our fans how we revise, and this is why we have released many DVDs” K.A.Z. also chimed in and stated, “we would like to show how our stage set looks and would like to make the audience feel the vibes of our show.”

The band has also been featured on various movie soundtracks, recently including Dracula Untold, which seemed like a perfect fit for the band. When asked if there’s a particular inspiration that comes with the combination of film and music HYDE had this to say: “For me, yes, the visual images of the movies are always helpful to create music, because they give me a direction.  I always watch the movie again and again to find what kind of song will fit to the image and story.” K.A.Z. added, “We try to create the atmosphere of each scene and scenery by our music.”

As far as the band’s sound goes, some fans may wonder how Vamps’ previous album Sex Blood Rock n’ Roll differs from  BloodSuckers. HYDE says that the band  took more time for  BloodSuckers, “… because we wanted to pursue ‘our music.’  It wouldn’t have taken that long if we only made ‘good music.’”  K.A.Z. interjected, “ I think the audience can feel  BloodSuckers has a much wider range of music than any of our other albums.” This leads to the question of how the band puts together an album. HYDE explained that, “ We’ll send demos to each other and listen to it, add ideas, arrange and send them back.” K.A.Z also elaborated that, “ we work separately and when we finalize each song, we discuss how to complete it.” Those unfamiliar with Vamps may wonder how they  really differs from L’Arc-en-Ciel, especially considering that L’Arc-en-Ciel is such a huge band, but HYDE described it this way: “The music that L’Arc-en-Ciel creates has variety of sounds with no genre, and on the other hand, Vamps is particular about rock music.  I think we eliminate stress when  we work for different sides of music.” K.A.Z also explained, “We are trying not to be too intentional on that point, but different members create different chemistry, and that might cause different interpretations and approaches when they make music together.”

You can catch Vamps at the upcoming shows:


4/8: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom w/SIXX:A.M.

4/10: Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint w/SIXX:A.M.

4/11: Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia w/SIXX:A.M.

4/13: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre w/SIXX:A.M.

4/14: Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre w/SIXX:A.M.

4/16: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live w/SIXX:A.M.

4/17: Dallas, TX @ Bomb Factory w/SIXX:A.M.

4/19: Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights w/SIXX:A.M.

4/20: Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theater w/SIXX:A.M.

4/21: Detroit, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre w/SIXX:A.M.

4/25: Ft. Myers, FL @ Ft. Rock Festival

4/26: Jacksonville, FL @ Welcome to Rockville

4/28: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory w/SIXX:A.M.

4/29: Silver Springs, MD @ The Fillmore w/SIXX:A.M.



5/1 New York, NY @ Best Buy Theatre (Headline Show <;skin=bestbuy&amp;preFill=1> )

5/15 – 5/17: Rock On The Range @Columbus, OH


Find Vamps on-line at:

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  1. Thank you Colette, this the best, most well-researched article on VAMPS or HYDE that I’ve ever read in an English publication, and I’ve been going to their concerts in the US since Hyde and Kaz first hit California in 2006. I hope Americans finally take notice of this awesome rock band.

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