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The World I Wanted.  These four words have been constantly running through the mind of The Veer Union’s front man Crispin Earl.  For the past six months that’s all he’s been concerned with.  Earl launched a kick starter campaign on December 14th, 2012, in hopes of raising $25,000 to make his band’s next album.  The band has also released their newest track titled The World I Wanted.  People tend to think that because a band receives airplay via the internet or satellite radio, they have money, the world by the balls and can do anything they want.  However, when online piracy and not enough support from the label come into play it’s not always as easy as it may seem.

Discussing the pros and cons of  what it takes to survive in the music industry, Earl definitely puts his two cents worth, forward.  “If people don’t start realizing the net worth of buying music and supporting the artist,” Earl states, “then they’re going to see all their favorite bands start to disappear.”  Ironically enough, art always imitates life and Earl is living that irony.    Making music and having those who appreciate what you do; the fans who support and buy your music is key to overall success but when fans are not purchasing the music, they may not truly understand how much that hurts the artist; a record label has no time to wait around; they’ll drop you.   While many of The Veer Union’s fans love the music the band isn’t seeing any revenue.  While downloading songs for free may be cool and cheap– ‘Hey look at me!  Look at all the music I stole, how come they haven’t put out anything new’, it begs one to ponder, would you be okay if I stole your livelihood?   “If you steal from Metallica or Bon Jovi, its not really going to hurt them,” says Earl.  “Those bands have made their mark in stone.  I can’t imagine how any new bands are going to survive without the financial support from the fans.”

Earl went on to explain that somehow one of his fans got a hold of one of his songs before it was even released on iTunes.  He asked Earl if he could have the lyrics to make a “lyrics video” for the song.   As much as Earl would have loved to help the person out, it was kind of a low blow to him.  The fan basically said that he had stolen a song from him though it was probably not the fans intention yet how much sharing goes around on the internet?  It’s inevitable that something like this would happen and Earl makes it very clear that it has never been about being rich or famous for him.  He is very passionate about every song he pens or works on spending 15 hours a day pouring his blood, sweat and tears into his music. The song, Seasons was a huge hit on Sirius Satellite’s Octane channel as well as featured on the video game, Rock Band.  Ever since he was a child, Earl has wanted nothing more than to play music for a living gracing the stage with the likes of  KORN, Breaking Benjamin, Cavo, 30 Second to Mars, Eye Empire, Janus and many more.  He also is a featured artist on Tommy Lee’s album, Tommyland: The Ride.

Divide the Blackened Sky, is the bands third album released March 26, 2012.  It took about two years to make and was written on the road as the band was leaving Universal Records.  The band spent somewhere between $70,000 to $100,000 to put out this amazing release but Unfortunately sometime after Divide the Blackened Sky hit the streets, The Veer Union on tour in the USA with Korn, Staind, and Buckcherry disbanded.  They were struggling due to past record deals causing internal strife between them and leaving a painful memory but Earl wishes his past band mates nothing but the best.

Earl was not going to let this bring him down.  It was then time to come up with an idea to get him back on his music.  Along the way, Earl found new members and began writing again with renewed exuberance.   They built a home studio in Canada and are hard at work everyday.  so how does one finance their own project through social media?  “Basically you reach out to your social network to inform them that you need help raising money for a specific cause,” states Earl, “you can set an amount and a start and finish date.  If your pledged goal is not reached by the end date you receive zero income from any donation.”    This was very difficult for Earl because he was unsure at first if this would work, but was willing to do anything to get The Veer Union back on track.  A person can pledge anywhere from one dollar on up but one thing Earl wanted everyone to be aware of is that one dollar can make a difference.  Word of mouth goes a long way as well.  Each donation comes with a gift package.  The gifts ranged anywhere from a solo acoustic CD performed by Earl, to a full band performance at a location of their choice.  Earl also posted a gift package where you can record and produce the band’s song and even do guest vocals on the track.  Everyday from Dec 14, 2012, Earl has made post after post letting The Veer Union fans know that he needed their help to make this new record.  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and thousands of shares and posts between fans and bands were the only hope to keep this alive.  To reach $25,000 in one month by simply asking fans to help was a risk that Earl was not afraid to take.  There was one downfall though; if the band did not meet the goal of 25 thousand dollars he immediately said, “THERE IS NO PLAN!”  He desperately needed every fan to help out.  Without having a label to back the band, there was no funding to help them put out their new release.

Miraculously this idea was a good one because it worked the guys will now be working harder then ever finishing their fourth album.  The Veer Union reached their goal of $25,000 with the help of friends, family, fans and even some pretty awesome bands.  Members from Digital Summer, My Darkest Days and Sevendust all helped by donating and spreading the word about the TVU’s Kickstarter!  The Kickstarter actually went passed the original goal of 25,000 and reached the max of $27,800.

This was Earl’s way of getting the world that he wanted back into his life.  To be able to just play music and not have to stress over money while keeping his band together.  Through all the struggles of being let go from his label to losing band members, it seemed so unreal to him yet  it all came out clean in the wash.  Earl truly knows the significance of working hard and taking the right steps to put him back on top of the charts.

Those who would believe that because a band is signed, their label is going to carry them and make them millions would be false.  The reality is that fans need to support their favorite artists by doing anything they can to help them survive on the road and at home.  Times are tough and if we want to continue to hear the bands we love then we must help support and purchase their songs and albums.  Otherwise,  in a few years you might be wondering what happened to that great band you used to love listening to in The World I Wanted.

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