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Sunny Beverly Hills offered up Chris Taylor Brown of to speak about their new album release out January 22, 2013.    originally from Los Gatos, California was formed as a group of high school  friends jamming as a hobby who then began playing in small local venues in the mid 90’s, turned rock stars well before graduation arrived.  “We were playing only as a hobby and it just turned out to be something we could do for a living, the success was just an added bonus,” explains Brown.   The band incorporated the talents of lead singer/guitarist, Chris Taylor Brown and band mates Simon Ormandy (lead guitar), Pete Charell (bass) and David Stege (drums).   Opening for headlining bands early on as the news spread about the group, their first recorded album, Almagamation, released in 1999, was being sold at the live shows.  Success was imminent as their fan base grew and their stage presence brought attention to several record labels.  Signing with Warner Brothers in 2001, Stege was replaced by Robin Diaz on drums and the recording of their debut album began.

2002 brought the release of , the self titled album that scored three hit singles, best known being Headstrong and is their most successful single to date.  Many bands have suffered from instant success and band member changes.  However, hasn’t suffered in any way.  The band with original members, Brown and Charell were joined by Aaron Montgomery in late 2001 as drum replacement for Diaz.  Another member change in 2008 with the addition of Robb Torres as lead guitarist was what Brown described as “the right feel.”  From 2004 to 2011, the band recorded and released three more studio albums; Someone In Control, Only Through The Pain, and No Apologies and one live album, Trapt Live released in 2007.   One of the changes made after the last album was a change in band managers and a further step towards independence.  The latest change was the welcoming of their latest member to the element, drummer Dylan Thomas Howard, previously of Unwritten Law.  “Member changes were all about the right line up and the right feel.  We just wanted to get back to the magic we created on the first record.  Our new drummer, Dylan, is definitely going to help with that.  We have made several changes, but it’s all for the right reason.”

Four studio albums to date have brought TRAPT into the massive limelight of stardom.  Being successful or famous was not their plan.  In the beginning, as a band, playing was their hobby.  However, their desire of music and love for their fans is the driving forces behind them.  “We are lucky enough that we are doing this for a living and it’s something we all enjoy.  It’s so nice to have fans that appreciate us, our music.  They come out to the shows and really support us.”  Reborn is their fifth studio album and already has been slamming the airwaves with the single release of Bring It.  “The song and the video is a dig for those that tell you that you can’t do something.  For the haters and the doubters,” explains Brown.  The video shows the underdog going against the champ;  what better way to represent an expression of challenge than with Bring It.    A pre-order was released for the album via iTunes and the band offered special packages of CD/T-shirt Bundles giving the fans the opportunity to order the album in standard and deluxe versions autographed by the band along with t-shirts.  “We thought it would be a great way to offer the album in two versions and a great way to give to the fans,” stated Brown.  The deluxe edition will be the album offering five acoustic tracks along with the fan favorite, Avelyn.   “We wanted to offer as much as we could to the fans and we did just that again by offering Bring It and Love Hate Relationship as a double single bundle on iTunes.”

It’s really great that they are showing us such support.  We really appreciate them for showing us so much love and really that’s who we do it for is the fans.

The first video shot for the album is for the single Bring It which was shot in Las Vegas and is about the proverbial underdog.  “We were told so many times we couldn’t do this or that, or we were told how we needed to sound” Brown states.  “We claimed our independence and we went with our gut feeling.  It all felt right.”   Love Hate Relationship is the second video released from the album and offers a bit of sex appeal to the scene.  Both videos have had over 235,000 views in just a few weeks and Brown again expressed his gratitude for the fans, “It’s great!  It’s really great that they are showing us such support.  We really appreciate them for showing us so much love and really that’s who we do it for is the fans.   When the fans are happy and entertained, they stay with us and come back for more.  We also love offering extras when we can like the autographed CDs and t-shirt bundles.  We also have little incentives posting on Facebook and emails.  What better way to keep your fans happy?”   The third video shot in Lancaster, California, was just completed and Brown offered a few hints about the difference of the video but wouldn’t give up the ghost.  “We will see how it all turns out, Living In The Eye of the Storm is a really great story…I think everyone is going to love it.”

TRAPT wanted to bring even more to the fans and Reborn did just that.  “We experimented with a lot of different textures and tempos but at the same time kept as much of the original TRAPT that everyone knows.  I usually come up with most of the material, the lyrics and most of the music and then I throw it to Dylan, our drummer and it almost comes together right then and there.  We are really pleased with Reborn as a whole.  I self produced it along with co-producer Matt Thorne who I’ve been working with since we started years ago.  We had over eight months to record it so it was definitely a chance to bring out what we wanted as a band and it all just worked,” said Brown.

A small tour in support of the Reborn album called the Bring It Tour started in Las Vegas on October 24, 2012 and ended in Chico, California on November 29, 2012.  “We toured the last few months under the Bring It Tour for 2012 and look forward to 2013 with the Reborn Tour and taking it as far as we can,” exclaimed Brown.  Touring the Midwest and California in 2012, TRAPT looks to making it all across the U.S. in 2013.  “We will most definitely be adding several cities for this tour.  We chose a route of cities that make sense and for those we don’t get on the first leg of the tour, we’ll hit them on the second leg.  We also hope to set up a tour outside the U.S. and venture into the UK, Australia and Russia.  Those are the four major key markets we would like to visit.  So it may be that we start in April and go back in the fall.”

According to Brown, TRAPT will begin touring late January.   “We are so excited for everyone to hear and see what we have poured our souls into.   It’s going to be an amazing tour.”  TRAPT’s Facebook page and website has constant updates and offers.  For those who are not a TRAPT fan, chances are they will be after hearing this album.   “This album is as deep and thoughtful as any album that TRAPT has done in the past.  We know fans are going to love it.”

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