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A lot can happen in a year; moments pass by and turn into hours, which lead to days — 366 days to be exact.  It was just yesterday we all rang in 2012, and in twelve days, 2013 begins anew.  All around the world, we were surprised (or not), by events that took place, whether we wanted them to or not; it’s just the nature of the beast.  We would be remiss if we did not take a look back, with the help of our contemporaries, at just a tiny little piece of what made us stand up and take notice, raise a furrowed brow, laugh, bow our heads in sorrow, or cry….


…Law school taught me one thing: how to take two situations that are exactly the same and show how they are different.
-Hart Pomerantz

Lamb of God – Manslaughter – Randy Blythe

Forty-one year old lead singer, Randy Blythe, was arrested in Prague, while Lamb of God was there on a scheduled visit, and called into questioning in connection with the death of a fan, which happened on May 24, 2010 at club Abaton.  Blythe, a four-time Grammy-nominated singer, was accused of causing bodily harm, which resulted in the man’s death.  It was reported that Blythe supposedly started the fight; yet the fan ran onto the stage and attacked him.  This resulted in the man dying from his injuries, though it has been publicized that the band said the fan ran onto the stage, fell and hit his head; there was no fight.  As of December 3, 2012, Blythe was indicted for manslaughter in Prague.  The Czech news site,, reports that prosecutors in Prague now have three months to set a trial date or request further investigation.  If Blythe is convicted, he could spend up to 10 years in prison.

Queensrÿche v. Queensrÿche – It’s all In the Name

In April 2012, news regarding the members of Queensrÿche flooded entertainment music sites when news broke of a fist fight between Geoff Tate and band members in São Paulo, Brazil.  On June 20, 2012 it was announced that Queensrÿche had parted ways with lead singer, Geoff Tate.  News swirled that the remaining members had fired Tate, replacing him with Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre, and wanted the name.  Tate has said that the name the band was using for their solo project had no value, so they fired him to take the name, Queensrÿche.  Tate filed a lawsuit in a Washington court, stating that he was wrongfully terminated from the group, as well as filing a preliminary injunction in an attempt to prevent either side from using the band’s name and likeness until the lawsuit was settled.  However, Tate has stated that this backfired on him as it was overturned by a judge who decided that both parties can continue to use the name, Queensrÿche, until November 2013, when a decision will be made.

…Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
-Albert Einstein

Axl Rose/Guns N’ Roses – Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame

Axl Rose kept his promise and boycotted the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio on April 14, 2012.  The band went on regardless, with singer Myles Kennedy (Slash and the Conspirators).  Rose’s decision drew fierce backlash as fans bombarded his social network sites with comments showing their disdain.  Rose’s name drew loud boos from the audience at Cleveland’s Public Auditorium, where the ceremony took place, yet Axl did have someone in his corner that evening.  Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong, who gave the GNR introduction speech, yelled back, “Shut up.  He was the greatest frontman to ever step in front of a microphone.  But he is … crazy.  And I can vouch for that.”  Why after so many years is there still a grudge?  Steven Adler has said, “Whatever happened with Axl and Slash was 20 years ago.  You don’t even have to look at each other….just play for the fans. My grandmother always said, ‘time heals all wounds,’ and I know nothing that could have happened that time couldn’t heal after 20 friggin’ years.”

Sommer Sharon – Writer
Owner, Sleigh Consulting – (Writing, Social Media Marketing and Website Management)

Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day – Meltdown on Stage – Las Vegas, Nevada

Substance abuse problems plagued Billie Joe Armstrong once again as he had an onstage rant in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand during the iHeartRadio Music Festival.  Apparently the band was given a cue on a monitor to finish the set within a minute and Armstrong blew a fuse, stating that he was “not Justin fuckin’ Bieber,” and then proceeded to destroy his guitar by slamming it on the stage until the guitar was in pieces and he was exhausted.  The band later apologized, stating that drug abuse was at the core.  Armstrong went back to rehab and the band cancelled any remaining tour dates.

…Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.
– Neil Armstrong

Space Shuttle Endeavour

After circling the earth, Space Shuttle Endeavour made its final voyage in late October through the streets of Los Angeles leading to its museum display at the California Science Center.  Endeavour sits horizontally and mounted atop the modified NASA overland transporter that was used to bring it to the science center.  The transporter, in turn, is positioned on seismic isolation pedestals to protect against the chance of earthquakes.  Endeavour, like its sister shuttles, was built in Southern CA.

Loana dPValencia, Publicity & Video Promotion

“…WHAT A MAGNIFICENT YEAR.  Thanks for letting me geek out and contribute!  \m/ E=mc2 \m/”

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and the Dragon capsule’s successful launch at Cape Canaveral (May 22nd)!  R.I.P. science fiction/fantasy writer Ray Bradbury (June 5th).  CERN scientists in Geneva announce the discovery of the Higgs Boson!  YAY LHC (July 4th)!!!  Attending Curiosity Rover’s Landing Party at the Columbia Memorial Space Center!  (Arrived safely on Mars August 5th).  R.I.P. Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong (August 25th — L “salutes”).  My tour of NASA/JPL in Pasadena and standing in Mission Control’s VIP Section (August 19th)!  The Space Shuttle Endeavour lands at LAX (September 21st — yesss, this is me screaming)!!!  SpaceX launches Dragon on Falcon 9, destination — International Space Station (October 7th)!  Witnessed Space Shuttle Endeavour cruising through the streets of Los Angeles (October 12th)!  My tour of SpaceX; watching Falcon Heavy being built right before my eyes (October 19th)!  Buying a copy of Dan Winter’s Last Launch book!  SpaceX’s Dragon capsule safely lands in thePacific Ocean (October 28th)!

… I was born in London, and went to school in Scotland – I used to be dead tired when I got home at night.
– Sir Norman Wisdom

Screamer’s extended family of writers take us to Europe where we always get a fresh take on music and life across the pond.  The Metal scene in Europe has offered us a plethora of talented musicians as well, and hearing of their successes, become ours to smile about.

James Horrobin –Leeds,England

I have two bits of news I’d like to share.  The first is the news that on the 14th of October 2012, Austrian maniac Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles above the earth, and then fell back to earth at a speed of roughly 1,342 kilometers per hour.  I find this completely freakin’ insane; it’s a totally unnecessary thing to do, but that makes it even better.  My second bit of news is less scientific and more political, and a lot more concise.  It the news that Great Britain may be leaving Europe.  I know this won’t affect most people, but I found it to be an awesome piece of info.  You see, I’ve been wanting Britain to leave the EU for ages.  It’s full of countries that would benefit so much on their own and not get dragged down by other countries and the Euro zone itself.  I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

Gary Clarke – Glasgow,Scotland
Writer, Internet Radio Personality –

This year hasn’t provided me with an outstanding highlight, or a milestone, revelation, single event worthy of devoting a paragraph to.  Instead what 2012 has offered up on a silver platter are a series of delightful albums throughout the year.  It began for me in early January when my ears were assaulted with the enthusiastic roar of Wolfsbane and their new album, Wolfsbane Save The World.  Then along pounced Foxy Shazam, with their underlying influence of Queen, and an excellent album called The Church Of Rock And Roll, which rates as possibly my album of the year.  February served up the latest album by UFO in the form of Seven Deadly, plus Xandria pushed themselves with Neverworld’s End.  Soulfly delivered their unique style of brutality with Enslaved during March, while April was the month of a progressive tour de force in the shape of Storm Corrosion, the band brought to fruition thanks to the minds of Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).  April was also notable for new albums by gothic metal giants Paradise Lost and Moonspell.  2012 continued to overwhelm and delight my senses with Candlemass (Psalms For The Dead), Trixter (New Audio Machine), LostAlone (I’m A UFO In This City), Lit (The View From The Bottom), Richard Marx (Inside My Head), and L.A. Guns (Hollywood Forever).  2012 has been a year for the continual flow of good quality studio albums.  Who said rock was dead?!

Guitar player/composer Björn Eliasson

For me it was the 6th of November.  The release of WARNOT on NMR.  When I finally realized that my project WARNOT had become a reality, and that I now have the luxury to start writing a sequel.

Vocalist/Guitarist Rich Hinks

Having to choose one moment that really stands out this year is nearly impossible!  With so many good things happening for us:  the signing with Nightmare, hearing the first mixes, seeing the artwork, touring in our own tour bus, finding two new members.  But one moment really stands out from it all, and that being when we did a radio interview in Turkey, IN ITS ORIGIN LANGUAGE!  The question, if we did believe in the end of the world 21.12.2012 and answering, “Heeey, we are releasing our album in January next year.”  That’s one for the bucket list!

Guitarist Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans

For me, it was Bleed From Within signing to Raw Power Management and Century Media Records.  It definitely marked a turning point for the band.  Just when we thought we were down on our luck and things were looking grim, everything was flipped around for us and were looking forward to the future and finally getting our third album out.  It’s an honor to be part oftwo such respected organizations, and we’ll do our best to live up to it.  The new Lamb of God and Periphery albums were also a highlight for me.  It’s been a good year for our band and a good year for metal!

Christer Hary

2012 was a great year for us.  In January the European release of Soliloquy, in March the release of Soliloquy in Germany and Austria, and in June the release of the album in the US.  Also working on the live set’s been a great process, ending up with a solid live set list.  As a result of all this, the highlight of the year was the European tour with Jorn.  Great meeting the fans and playing for a great audience.  Definitely the stand-out moment(s) in 2012 for Teodor Tuff.

Kim Oleson
Anubis Gate

My standout moment of 2012 was visiting the eastern USA, with all that belongs to such a road trip.  Driving through the Mojave Desert several times on different routes is a nature experience unlike any other, and one that will stay with me till I leave this world behind.

…When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

There can be no change if you don’t move forward; stagnant is not an option.  Here in America, the business of rock keeps rolling.

Vocalist Bret Von Dehl
The Relapse Symphony

The most important moment for me in 2012 was most definitely starting this band.  We started this band at a time, for me personally, when a lot of components of my life were going in a negative direction.  I was running out of options as far as music and playing in a band was concerned, and a lot of my friends were falling victim to negative things as well.  I got a call from Alex and JC, and they wanted me to sing in their band.  And now things really couldn’t be better!  They’re like my brothers and we’ve come so far in such a short amount of time, I really see no ceiling for The Relapse Symphony.

Lead Vocalist Adrian Patrick

There have been many, many standout moments for us in 2012; this has been our breakout year!  Getting invited to hang side-stage by the guys in Incubus during their set at Rock on the Range is right up there with learning we landed the Stone Sour & Papa Roach Tour just before we took the stage opening for Daughtry and Three Doors Down at an arena in New York.  But every night, at every show, we hear more and more people singing or screaming back our lyrics; those are truly the most memorable moments of all.

Michael Vampire

The most memorable moment of 2012 was the Las Vegas date on the Vans Warped Tour.  We got word about 7:00 a.m. that we were playing Main Stage right in front of Mandalay Bay!  It was a defining moment in my career to see a sea of people screaming and moshing….which resulted in a torn shirt and the biggest adrenaline rush of 2012 for me.

Erika Thomas

As I reflect on the many events of 2012, I find it difficult to make a statement of the year in review.  Thousands upon thousands of lives lost each and every day to war, accidents, sickness and so many tragedies, as well as several astonishing losses this year in music.  Therefore, I reflect on the good.  London hosted the 2012 Olympics, which was one of the highlights of my year, as it seems this is one time the world can join together and celebrate even with the spirit of competition.  Amazing athletes, wonderful musicians, world leaders, and the people of the world have a gathering of the nations for 16 days in peace and fierce competiveness.

…Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow.
-Simon Dach

Hurricane Sandy touched down on October 29, 2012, devastated portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.  Sandy was a Category 2 storm at its peak intensity, becoming the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (as measured by diameter, with winds spanning 1,100 miles).  Damage in the US is estimated at over $63 billion (2012 USD).  Preliminary estimates of losses due to damage and business interruption are estimated at $65.6 billion (2012 USD), which would make it the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane, behind only Hurricane Katrina.

Keyboardist Joe Reilly

As a band from Rockaway, NY, it’s impossible to compare anything that happened in 2012 to the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought.  Our drummer lost his home and we [JOLLY] lost our practice space, along with a lot of our gear and recording equipment.  Beyond Sandy’s effect on us personally, it was extremely distressing to see the turmoil endured by the Rockaway community.  While our future as a band was threatened, the silver lining in this tragedy was the love and support offered to us by our fans, both emotional and financial.  With a new album and tour on the line, their hopeful words and generous contributions kept us on track, which will make 2013 a remarkable year for JOLLY.

Drummer Louis Abramson

The date was December 26th 2012.  We were putting the final touches on our latest album The Audio Guide to Happiness Part 2 before turning it in to the record label, when suddenly weather reports started pop up saying words like “historic” and “unprecedented.”  Just one year after Hurricane Irene, Sandy didn’t seem too alarming.  My home, which doubled as JOLLY’s recording studio and practice space, was unscathed after Irene.  While some people closer to the beach experienced floods, we were fine, even despite the mandatory evacuation.

Doug Deutsch
Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

What occurred to me after watching the 12.12.12 Sandy Relief Concert last week is that much of rock’s royalty is indeed aging gracefully.  Of the performers on that benefit concert bill, the majority — i.e. Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend from the Who, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Eric Clapton, and especially (Sir) Paul McCartney — were on the north side of 50, with Jagger pushing 70 (!). And yet, they all brought their A-games, with McCartney front and center for a reunion of sorts featuring great grunge era band Nirvana (minus of course, the late, great Kurt Cobain).  And the ex-Beatle looked like he fit right in, not missing a beat!  So while today’s pop music scene may be chart-topped by youngins such as Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber, the real litmus test of a music act’s staying power is whether they can do it year-in, year-out, for a decade….or two….or more.  All of the above aforementioned acts have proven to be like the proverbial good wine  — they’ve gotten better with age — while having stayed in the collective minds and hearts of rock ‘n’ rollers everywhere for many years, with many more years to come.  ‘Nuff said!

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
– Thomas Campbell, “Hallowed Ground”

There is not much to say when those we love leave this earth.  There is never a “time;” it’s always too soon and our hearts are broken.  Though we could not list everyone who passed away this year, we acknowledge their presence in our lives and we thank them for making our world “sing”.

Hilary Mahoney

As a child of the 80s, The Beastie Boys Fight for your Right to Party was a song that I heard over and over for years.  At the age of 5, I probably had no idea what I was singing along to.  But the Beastie Boys then reemerged, at least in my world, during my high school years, with songs like Sabotage and Intergalactic.  At this point I actually took the time to make myself more aware of older Beastie Boys songs, which is why I was saddened to learn of Adam “MCA” Yauch’s death this year on May 4th.  Due to his illness, he was unable to attend his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame less than one month earlier, and the airing of the show was the day after his death.  The other members decided not to perform at the induction due to Yauch’s absence, but several of their classic songs were covered by other artists.  While I never professed to be the Beastie Boys’ number one fan, I was saddened to hear of this loss of someone whose voice was a common thread throughout my childhood.

Richard Rosenthal

Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died December 5, one day before what would have been his 92nd birthday.  One of the most influential musicians in jazz, his Dave Brubeck Quartet recorded what is arguably the most famous and well-known jazz songs of all time, Take Five.  Featuring Paul Desmond’s haunting saxophone riff, the song is familiar even to people who aren’t normally fans of jazz.

Merryl Lentz
Writer/Assistant Editor

The death of legendary Deep Purple keyboardist, Jon Lord, dealt the rock and roll world a sledgehammer blow this year.  Lord’s distinctive Hammond organ and harpsichord playing infused the band’s music with a trademark, classical sound that influenced countless fledgling musicians, as well as seasoned players.  Rebelling against the use of the trendy Moog synthesizer, Lord played his organs through Marshall amps laden with heavy distortion that made his keyboards as vital and prominent as Richie Blackmore’s guitars.  His pioneering technique gave a unique flair to many of the songs he co-wrote, including the immortal Smoke on the Water.  Originally focused on an acting career, Lord indelibly left his mark on the music world by pursuing rock and roll instead.

Don Cornelius (Donald Cortez Cornelius) – Died 2-1-2012 in Sherman Oaks, California, U.S. – Shot himself – Born 9-27-1936 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. – Created and hosted the music TV show, Soul Train, which featured artists such as Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston (Whitney Elizabeth Houston) – Died 2-11-2012 in Beverly Hills, California, U.S. – Drowned in a bathtub ( Pop – Soul – R&B – Gospel ) Born 8-9-1963 in Newark, New Jersey, U.S. – Singer, pianist, model and actress – (She did, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Dolly Parton’s, I Will Always Love You) – Acted in the films, The Bodyguard and Waiting To Exhale.

Dick Clark (Richard Wagstaff Clark) – America’s oldest teenager – Died 4-18-2012 in Santa Monica,  California, U.S. – Heart attack – Born 11-30-1929 in Mount Vernon, New York, U.S. – Television personality – He was the host of TV’s, American Bandstand which featured artists such as James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Public Image Ltd, Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, Run DMC, and Stevie Wonder, and also hosted, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve –  Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Hollywood Walk of Fame Inductee, Radio Hall of Fame Inductee and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Inductee.

Tommy Marth – Died 4-23-2012 (Rock) – He was 33 years old – Saxophonist – Worked with The Killers, The Big Friendly Corporation and Black Camaro.

Adam Yauch (Adam Nathaniel Yauch) (aka MCA and Nathaniel Hornblower) – Died 5-4-2012 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. – Cancer of the parotid salivary gland (Rap – Rock) – Born 8-5-1964 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. – Singer, bassist and keyboardist – Was a member of The Beastie Boys (They did, You Gotta  Fight For Your Right (To Party) and No Sleep Till Brooklyn) – Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Donna Summer (LaDonna Adrian Gaines) (aka Donna Gaines and Gayn Pierre) – Queen of Disco – Died 5-17-2012 in Key West, Florida, U.S. – Lung cancer (Disco) Born 12-31-1948 in Boston, MA, U.S. – Singer and pianist – (She did, Love To Love You Baby and Hot Stuff) – Was a member of Crow – Worked with FamilyTree and Three Dog Night – She had been married to actor, Helmuth Sommer.

Robin Gibb (Robin Hugh Gibb) – Died 5-20-2012 in London, England – Colorectal cancer (Pop – Rock – Disco) born 12-22-1949 in Douglas, Isle of Man – Singer – (He did, Saved By The Bell and Give Me A Smile) – Was a member of The Bee Gees (They did, Stayin’ Alive and I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You) – Rock And Roll of Fame Inductee, Dance Music Hall of Fame Inductee, ARIA Hall of Fame Inductee and Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductee.

Mitch Lucker – Died 11-01-2012 Huntington Beach,CA,U.S. (Rock/Metal) – Motorcycle Accident –  Born 10-20-1984 – Guitarist/Vocalist – vocalist for the heavy metal band Suicide Silence.  Lucker was reportedly thrown from his Harley-Davidson after he hit a light pole, according to the Los Angeles Times.  He was pronounced dead early at the UC Irvine Medical Center, according to the Orange County coroner’s office.

Dave Brubeck – Died 12-05-2012 Norwalk,CT,U.S.(Jazz/Guitar) – Heart Failure one day before his 92nd birthday.  He was on his way to a cardiology appointment, accompanied by his son Darius.

And that is just a drop in the bucket.  We at Screamer Magazine and Radio Screamer thank you all for your continued support.  We love you; you are OUR extended family.  Remember, if you don’t support the artists/bands that rock your world, they can’t support your music habit.  It’s a double-edged sword so go buy a ticket to the show or pay to download your music if you have no “brick and mortar” record store in your little corner of the world.  We know money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a song.  Happy holidays to all and party responsibly on New Year’s Eve.  Be safe, be good to one another and may what ever higher power or God you worship keep you and yours safe in 2013.

…As human beings we have the most extraordinary capacity for evil. We can perpetrate some of the most horrendous atrocities.
Desmond Tutu

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