#156 Dirty Honey

Issue: 156

Featuring: . Also Included Fastest Land Animal, Long Live Rock's Jonathan McHugh and Gary Spivak, Brian Wheat of Tesla, L.A. Guns and Much More.

Articles in the 2021 Issue


  • FASTEST LAND ANIMAL - A Need for Speed

    What is the fastest land animal? Well, if you search Wikipedia, you'll find out that the cheetah is the fastest known animal on the land.  Most of us have probably known that tidbit of trivial information since elementary school.  Cheetahs have been clocked at speeds upward of 75 miles per hour, which is pretty fast for a quadruped.  Did you

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  • IS ROCK DEAD? - Not By a Long Shot

    One of the most infamous statements in rock music was uttered in 2014 when Gene Simmons of KISS declared in a Rolling Stone interview that “Rock is finally dead.” Just a few weeks ago, while doing publicity for a 2020 New Year’s Eve concert in Dubai he reiterated that feeling in an interview with Gulf News, saying “Rock is dead.

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  • TESLA's BRIAN WHEAT - Spills The Milk on His Book

    Have you ever fantasized about meeting someone you admire, but realize the prospects of that actually happening are pretty slim?  The daydream may go something like this.  You are sitting in a bar and that person just somehow happens to come in and pull up a stool next to you.  You introduce yourself and explain that you're a big fan

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  • FORTRESS - Waiting For The Night album review

    In the 1980’s the Sunset Strip was the epicenter of the music world. On any given weekend night hundreds of fans and band members roamed the Sunset Strip making contacts and promoting upcoming shows. It became a huge, recurring outdoor party. However, as famous as bands such as Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant and Guns ’N’ Roses became, there were many

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  • DIRTY HONEY - Dirty Honey album review

    The wait is almost over for all of those who have been pining for new music from Dirty Honey.  Since the world went to hell and along with it, the sudden halt to live shows, there has been a void of sorts.  In the post lockdown environment, there has been a lot of music released by bored musicians with nothing

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  • SWEET OBLIVION feat. Geoff Tate - Relentless album review

    Fans of Geoff Tate will be happy to know that the ex-Queensryche singer is set to release his sophomoric album for his Sweet Oblivion project entitled Relentless on Frontiers Music Srl, April 9, 2021. Ahead of the release, you can watch videos of two album tracks, Another Change and Strong Pressure online (see below).  Throwing back to his metal roots

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  • The SCREAMER MAGAZINE Mixtapes, Volume 2

    The Lonely Ones—Change The Station So much of what passes for “music” these days is targeted at the masses, and thus seems to value visuals over talent. As evidence we see the rise of over processed, over polished bland boring pop that unfortunately seems to permeate every aspect of society.  All of this makes Change The Station by The Lonely

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  • THE SLEDGE CHRONICLES: ROCK STAR HITMAN a novel by David Ellefson (book review)

    The music industry has lured musicians to Los Angeles for decades.  Intrigued by the glow of the marquee and the desire to see their name on it, young hopefuls have sold their soul on Hollywood Blvd. only to realize that fame always has a price.  Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth knows this story all too well and

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  • The SCREAMER MAGAZINE Mixtapes, Volume 1

    Hello Screamer Readers! I have been writing about music since 1988, and it’s fair to say that 2020 was the most challenging year ever for all involved in creating, recording and performing live music. There is hope that 2021 will be better, but realistically, it may be until summer or later before live concerts return. Because there are no venues

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  • JOEY DIABOLIC - Through Soundwaves Vol 3 - album review

    In the opening scene of Wes Craven’s 1984 slasher film, A Nightmare On Elm Street, you hear the ambient sounds ever so familiar to classic horror.  With the introduction of heavy breathing also comes the construction of the iconic glove.  Viewers watch on, intrigued, as the leather glove and blades are selected, shaped and soldered into Freddy’s weapon of choice.

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  • W.E.T - Retransmission - Taking us back to the 80’s (album review)

    Swedish/American melodic hard rock band W.E.T, (not to be confused with American indie pop group Wet) certainly define the concept of “supergroup.” Their acronymic band name comes from the first letter of the 3 founding members' main bands. Keyboardist/guitarist Robert Säll hails from Swedish classic rock group Work of Art, guitarist Erik Mårtensson is from Swedish rock band Eclipse and

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  • HATEBREED - Weight of the False Self - album review

    2020 was a good year for listening to Hatebreed. If you are angry, frustrated and irritated, letting that out of your system by head banging along to Weight Of The False Self is the perfect prescription. After over 20 years, Hatebreed has recently released their eighth full-length album on Nuclear Blast Records, and fans will certainly not be disappointed. Many

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  • DREAM THEATER - Distant Memories – Live In London - album review

    Sometimes dropping out of college is a good thing. Formed in 1985, progressive metal band Dream Theater has defined the modern iteration of the genre that started with bands like Pink Floyd and Yes. The founding members formed the band at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and dropped out to concentrate on their music. This is something that

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  • BRIAN WHEAT - Son Of A Milkman, My Crazy Life With Tesla - book review

    Being the youngest of six children, my older siblings used to tease me about being the milkman's son.  Now, if you were born after the late 1960's, you are probably thinking, what is a milkman?  In the olden days, local dairies used to deliver milk and other dairy products, door to door to households in neighborhoods all over their geographic

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  • L.A. GUNS - LIVE! from Las Vegas

    The year is 1989 and glam metal has taken over the infamous Sunset Strip as well as the music charts.  The band L.A. Guns has just released their sophomore album Cocked & Loaded, after teasing fans with the release of their album singles. The hit single Ballad of Jayne reaches #33 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #25 on the Mainstream

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