#159 Mark Tremonti

Issue: 159 Mark Tremonti

Featuring: . Also Included Mark Tremonti, Mammoth WVH, Dirty Honey, Them Evils, Cherry Bombs, Lisa S. Johnson's Immortal Axes, The Georgia Thunderbolts and Much More.

Articles in the #159 Mark Tremonti Issue


  • MARK TREMONTI - Croons For Charity

    Rocker Mark Tremonti is unarguably one of the most talented and well-known guitarists of the 21st century. His career has been all about taking chances. He took a chance when he first picked up the guitar and decided to pursue an extremely successful music career with Creed, Alter Bridge, and taking center stage as the frontman of his band solo

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  • CHERRY BOMBS' Alicia Taylor Lights the Fuse

    Women have been making a name for themselves in the music industry for years.  Each one of them working hard and playing even harder just to be accepted on the same stages as their male counterparts.  But what happens when an NFL cheerleader ditches her pom-poms and takes those very same stages with her heavy metal dance troupe?  That’s right…

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  • IMMORTAL AXES - Lisa S. Johnson's Amazing Tour Behind the Music

    There is no shortage of books on rock music photography, as one will quickly find by searching for the subject on Amazon. A glance will yield countless examples to choose from, with the vast majority being books filled with shots of artists onstage or studio portraits. It’s a natural, as rock ’n’ roll is a dynamic medium populated with colorful

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    “Walk tall man, be the best you can. Leave a good path when you walk this land. Spread good word, with faith in hand, and most of all…walk tall man.”  Southern culture isn’t exactly in vogue. Historic statues are being torn down, Confederate flags are retired, even the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum changed their name to erase references

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  • MAMMOTH WVH & DIRTY HONEY - LIVE! at Dallas House Of Blues

    After securing the top two spots on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums Chart, Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH have been considered two of the best emerging rock bands of today.  And they are out to prove that rock n’ roll will never die on their co-headlining tour.  The “Young Guns” tour was dreamt up after an evening back in September, when

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  • CHERRY BOMBS - LIVE! - with Them Evils

    Celebrating their very first headlining tour, the Cherry Bombs traveled from their home base in Las Vegas to Trees in Dallas, Texas.  It’s hard not to notice what an interesting venue it is for the dance group lighting the fuse to a new level of theatrical dance.  A performance known for jaw-dropping aerial stunts, eyebrow-raising fire performance, and cirque-style skills

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  • THE UNINVITED - On The Road With The Greatest Rock Band You Never Heard

    Ahhh, the 1990's, a ten year period when rock music suffered a serious identity crisis.  Amidst the musically confused landscape, there were numerous tales of success, both long and short lived.  There were of course several units that would emerge from the decade as household names with careers that continue to this day.  There are also tales of outfits who

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