#158 Dee Snider
Featuring: . Also Included Dee Snider, The Black Crowes, Dirty Honey and Much More.

Articles in the #158 Dee Snider Issue


  • DEE SNIDER - Ready To Leave A Scar

    Dee Snider is ready to rock (again) with his fifth solo album Leave A Scar released through Napalm Records on July 30th and it's already hit #19 on the Top 20 Billboard Charts. At 66 years old, Snider can still deliver a sledgehammer of heavy metal music with the same vehemence he had in his 20's fronting Twisted Sister. As the

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  • ATREYU's Travis Miguel - Ready to Baptize the Masses

    Orange County metal quintet Atreyu unveil a revamped lineup with their newest release, Baptize, available now on Spinefarm Records.  The reworked ensemble consists of new addition Kyle Rosa on drums, bassist Marc McKnight, former drummer now lead vocalist Brandon Saller as well as guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel.  The group's first release in almost three years, Baptize is a 15

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  • THE BLACK CROWES Live! - Shakin' Their Money Makers 31 Years On

    Nineteen Ninety does not seem all that long ago.  I was a young man of 26 years when The Black Crowes debut album Shake Your Money Maker hit record stores.  Now a not-so-young man kicking 60 in the ass, I can still remember buying that record and listening to its raunchy guitars, slick vocals and the undeniable staying power over and

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