Issue #161 Classless Act

Issue: 161

Featuring: Classless Act. Also Included The New Bardots, The Darkness, The Dead Deads, Dorothy Live Pics and Much More.

Articles in the 2022 Issue


  • THE NEW BARDOTS - Just Another Dance

    Social media polarization, fake news, causes celebre, political distraction, Russian disinformation, pandemics, Hollywood award show scandals, leaked Supreme Court rulings, incriminating laptops, inflation, Ukrainian war and election integrity, just a sample listing of the zeitgeist that is the 2020's.  As not only Americans, but as citizens of the world, there is something we all have in common.  What would that

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  • CLASSLESS ACT - Welcome To The Show

    Welcome to the show! A very fitting statement as well as the title of the debut full-length record from the sort-of Los Angeles based Classless Act.  Although their band logo has Los Angeles, CA in it, this quintet hails not only from Southern California, but also Texas and Argentina.  It's a fitting statement for the act that is currently playing

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  • THE DARKNESS Live! - In Dallas, TX

    It's not often that one has the opportunity to experience rock royalty in an intimate setting.  Fortunately for Screamer Magazine, this was the unexpected backdrop that staged the scene for a night of unforgettable spectacle and pageantry.  Hailing from Lowestoft, Suffolk, The Darkness recently trekked across the mighty oceans to resurrect their highly anticipated tour, which the pandemic stole from

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  • THE BATELEURS - The Sun in the Tenth House - Album Review

    There’s a good chance that most of us in the United States have never heard of The Bateleurs. A band from Lisbon, Portugal on a record label based in Spain? That combination isn’t typically on American music radar, but one listen to the band’s new album The Sun In the Tenth House should definitely change that.   The band lists

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