Issue #164 Alter Bridge
Featuring: . Also Included Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills, Atreyu, Queensryche, Marina, Panic! At The Disco, Jake Wesley Rogers, Ugly Kid Joe, Celebrating David Bowie, King's X and Much More.

Articles in the 2022 Issue


  • ALTER BRIDGE - Check Mate - A Discussion with Myles Kennedy

    "For all of the hope that it brings and though we're pawns, we could be kings. If we believe. Against all odds we will survive" - Alter Bridge, Pawns & Kings The release of Florida rock band Alter Bridge’s seventh studio album Pawns & Kings has been welcomed with open ears by fans and is dubbed as their heaviest record

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  • QUEENSRYCHE - Takes No Prisoners - A Sit Down with Michael Wilton

    Queensryche, as a musical force, stands alone.  Queensryche does not sound like other bands; other bands sound like Queensryche.  Representing a monumental shift in metal music at a formative stage of the genre, they laid the foundation for what would become progressive metal.  Formed in 1980, the band has produced several era defining albums during their more than forty years

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  • Let's Get Ugly Again 1-on-1 w/ Klaus Eichstadt of UGLY KID JOE

    Not many bands can claim to be the soundtrack for a generation, but if you were alive circa 1991, Ugly Kid Joe blared relentlessly from your radio, your cassette player, and your angsty teenage heart.  Everything About You is and was a masterful hook filled hit that, even when revisited today, sticks in our collective consciousness in a way that few

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  • KING'S X - Rules Again - A Conversation with dUg Pinnick

    One of the most influential bands of the last forty years, King’s X, has returned after a fourteen year recording hiatus to deliver a masterpiece that is both musically and socially relevant. Three Sides of One is the long awaited follow up to 2008s XV, and it is as reflective as it is contemporary in its execution. Longevity is a

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  • TRINITY OF TERROR TOUR- Alliant Energy Powerhouse, Cedar Rapids, IA

    On Friday, November 11th, the Trinity of Terror Tour took over the Alliant Energy Powerhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The triple-headliner metalcore tour has been giving equal billing to Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills and Motionless In White, with additional special guest openers on different legs of the tour. Despite a very sudden temperature shift sending Iowa from 70

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  • PANIC! AT THE DISCO Live! - Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ

    Some have said that the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage. Luckily for those of you reading this, the press showed up on a night full of unexpected happenings, filled with both cringe and glory, risk and reward, and one of the most grandiose stage performances in the Phoenix Metro. On a Sunday night on 10.23.2022, Panic!

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  • THE NEW ROSES - Sweet Poison - Album Review

    Reminiscent of the early days of stadium rock, The New Roses, hailing from Germany, revitalize the genre with their latest release Sweet Poison.  The fifth studio album for vocalist/guitarist Tommy Rough, guitarist Norman Bites, bassist Hardy, and drummer Urban Berz comes at the top of their discography with infectious grooves and grand choruses.  Starting off the album strong is the

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  • STONE SENATE - Dawn - Album Review

    Writers and publicists like to assign categories to bands to give the listener an idea of what to expect. While it’s a habit that’s difficult to resist, doing so serves a purpose in allowing a listener to filter genres that may or not be of interest to them. The hazard is that is sometimes those categories don’t really fit the

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  • LACUNA COIL - Comalies XX - Album Review

    They say that everything old becomes new again and the current trend of remakes and remasters have proven that people crave nostalgic albums from their favorite artists, so there is no end in sight. Twenty years ago, Gothic Metal Italian band Lacuna Coil (Cristina Scabbia - vocals, Andrea Ferro - Vocals, Marco "Coti" Zelati - Bass, Diego Cavallotti - Guitar,

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  • CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE Live! - Concert Review

    Losing David Bowie in 2016 was a gut punch to the musical universe that is still felt today.  It is an exercise in futility to try and express the impact Bowie has had on music, art, fashion, and cinema.  Even in his final days, he remained Bowie to the end, posthumously releasing Blackstar only two days following his passing.  Bowie's influence

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  • STARING INTO NOTHING? - A Musical Review

    Social media and its intersection with increasingly powerful technology has had a measurable impact on our ability to interact with each other and fundamentally on how we think and feel about ourselves.  Truth has become debatable, and facts have little meaning.  Human cognition and emotional intelligence have been irrevocably altered.  Can we ever truly disconnect or have we become dependent

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