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To celebrate DAY 2018, the multi-platinum, alternative rockers played two sold out shows at Park Theater at Monte Carlo in Las Vegas over the weekend on Saturday (March 10) and Sunday (March 11)12,000 tickets were sold for the two-night event to fans from all 50 U.S. states and 17 countries worldwide. This marked the group’s 10th annual DAY concert event, the band has performed a special 311 DAY show every other year since 2000.

To the delight of the crowd, 311–singer/guitarist NICK HEXUM, singer/DJ S.A. MARTINEZ, drummer CHAD SEXTON, bassist P-NUT and guitarist TIM MAHONEY–played mostly deep cuts from all eras of their impressive 27- year-long career throughout all 12 studio albums (see moments and artist quotes below). The group played 86 different songs across two, 3+ hour shows (42 songs night one, 44 songs night two). The show delivered a state-of-the-art production and the ultimate 311 concert experience with captivating visuals across an 80 foot 4K LED wall, automated lighting pods, pyro, confetti cannons and more.

Highlights included an emotional cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” accompanied by an In Memoriam video tribute, honoring their deceased musical heroes along with 311 fans Renee O’Neal and Meredith Hight (two dedicated 311 fans both tragically killed in separate domestic violence incidents in 2017) and Patrick Hexum–the youngest brother of 311 singer Nick Hexum–who died battling an opiate addiction.

During the set, 311 stepped into a time-machine that took them back to 1990…where they played four songs from their early demo days on a theatrical stage-set modeled after the basement in Nick Hexum’s family’s house in Omaha, Nebraska, where the band originally formed & rehearsed in the early 90’s. See more highlights and quotes from 311’s Nick Hexum listed in the setlist notes below.

The shows were Webcast live via where thousands of fans tuned in to witness the magic of the two-night event. Audio downloads of 311 DAY 2018 now available at Forbes magazine recognized a 300% spike increase in traffic at 311’s You Tube channel: Elsewhere, Alternative Radio stations all over the country played blocks of 311 songs and media outlets paid respect to 311’s longevity and 311 DAY tradition.


To the legion of fans that celebrate 311 DAY every year, 311 is more than a band, it’s a community, a movement and a family that transcends beyond the music. 



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311 backstage:

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SATURDAY, MARCH 10, NIGHT 1: (42 songs)


SUNDAY, MARCH 11, NIGHT 2: (44 songs)

Nick Hexum says, “I’m enjoying the afterglow of 311 DAY. It was a super emotional experience to cover Floyd’s Wish You Were Here combined with a montage of those we have lost. Performing so many songs was such a trip. I was nervous to debut Places That the Mind Goes all by myself, but the crowd response was really heartwarming. Then it was fun to sneak in ‘Remember Me’ from the movie Coco for my wife and kids.

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