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is pleased to announce their first ever tour of the USA as they will be a part of The Zombie Apocalypse Tour this summer. The bands included in the tour are Casket For Cassandra, Prey For Sleep and another Australian band Deprivation, also making the journey across the Pacific Ocean. Short Fuse will also be part of the tour on selected dates.

Presented by Nemesis Records and Metalluminati , The Zombie Apocalypse Tour 2012 will make its way through three weeks worth of back to back shows, commencing July 6th and coming to a close with a performance at The Bay Area Metal Festival on the 28th of July.

In addition to the Zombie Apocalypse Tour the band have scheduled two further shows on either end of the tour. Their final show will be at The Whiskey A Go Go in HollywoodAugust 4th.

Zombie Apocalypse Tour Dates

07/06/12               The Joint                                                Los Angeles, CA
07/07/12               Submission                                            San Francisco, CA
07/11/12               Sunshine Studios                                  Colorado Springs, CO
07/12/12               The Rail Club                                         Dallas, TX
07/13/12               TBA                                                         Houston, TX
07/14/12               Clicks Paradise                                      Corpus Christi, TX
07/15/12               The Dirty Dog                                        Austin, TX
07/16/12               Zombie’s Bar                                         San Antonio, TX
07/17/12               Wreckers                                               Lubbock, TX
07/18/12               The Juggernaut                                     Albuquerque, NM
07/20/12               The Bunkhouse                                    Las Vegas, NV
07/22/12               Hayley’s Bar                                          Everett, WA
07/23/12               The Hop                                                 Spokane, WA
07/24/12               El Corazon                                             Seattle, WA
07/25/12               The Clam Shack                                    Nahcotta, WA
07/26/12               TBA                                                         Medford, OR
07/27/12               The Plea For Peace Center                Stockton, CA
07/28/12               Bay Area Metal Festival                      San Francisco, CA

Since releasing the bands third album “Submission For Liberty” in February this year the band have seen smashing reviews from the critics.

It’s safe to say if these guys weren’t hidden away Down Under they’d be big news. 4/5 – Terrorizer

Thrash at its finest 9/10 –  Rocknytt

Each song on “Submissions for Liberty” contains break-neck drum beats, high flying leads, skull crushing guitar riffs and vicious vocals – Lithium Magazine

“Speed, volume, anger, lyrical and vocal ability and skilful handling of strings and skins has had me turning up the volume constantly” – Kill Your Scene

“Submission For Liberty” is out now worldwide through Rising Records and Riot Entertainment(AU)


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