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Iowa based Christian melodic metalcore outfit A Past Unknown sees the release of their Red Cord Records sophomore effort Vainglory today. The album may be found in stores, online, and on iTunes. The band had this to say about the release of the album, “To all of our fans, we can’t thank you enough for showing all the support you have so far with this band. We have put so much of our time, effort and money into doing this and it would be worth every penny to give this album to you.” Vainglory features the crushing singles “Cursed” and “Fact Or Fiction,” the latter featuring Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King.

  1. Separation
  2. Cursed
  3. Purpose
  4. Fact Or Fiction
  5. Worthless Offer
  6. Reason To Fear
  7. August
  8. Divided
  9. Unrest
  10. The Search
  11. The Seeker
  12. Motives
  13. Cured


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