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One Days NoticeThrowback skatepunk band has recently signed with to release their sophomore album Blackout. The 13 track record will be released on January 14th and is a follow-up to their debut full-length When Dinosaurs Get Drunk.

We’ve been putting out records and peeing on things independently for a few years now,” says vocalist Chris Bassitt. “When RTB offered us a deal, we were a bit hesitant since labels always get a bad wrap, but they have a great mindset, really dig our tunes and they didn’t ask us to stop binge-drinking on the weekends, so we thought it would be a good fit.”

The Cleveland, OH group formed at a neighborhood Beer Olympics in 2010, an event that ended in two open container charges and one public urination violation. After the heat died down, the band began work on their debut EP ..That’s What She Said which ultimately earned them a shot to sweat their balls off on the .

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