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Rock legend JOE PERRY of AEROSMITH will join Will Hayden and his team of gunsmiths at Baton Rouge-based Red Jacket Firearms on the September 19 episode of Discovery Channel’s hit series “SONS OF GUNS.”

In the “Three Cannons and a Rock Star” episode–which airs Wednesday, September 19 at 9PM E/P–owner Will Hayden missions the Red Jacket crew to restore and repair an antique, black powder Lyle cannon. The twist: it’s owned by JOE PERRY.  As if one cannon isn’t enough, Will takes on another project and suddenly has two more cannons in the shop: a German PAK 36 and an American 37mm, much to cannon-loving Kris’s delight.  With the legendary WWII anti-tank guns briefly under one roof, Kris and Flem seize the day and go head to head to test which cannon is better. When JOE PERRY and his family arrive at Red Jacket to pick up their Lyle cannon, the crew shows them some Southern hospitality.  They rock the bayou with gunfire, shooting an array of weaponry from machine guns to Revolutionary War black power rifles.  But that’s just a warm up for JOE PERRY’s solo performance: sinking a pirate ship with his Red Jacket restored Lyle cannon.


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