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Alternative Press and Solid State Records’ As They Sleep are excited to partner up to premiere the band’s rendition of Billy Squire’s “The Stroke.” The song may be heard HERE and came about in a series of sessions between As They Sleep’s tour dates last spring and summer. It was produced by guitarist Nick Morris at his private facility Elaire Studios and fellow guitarist Barry Gomez commented on the project by saying, “We wanted to have a bit of fun and start getting ready for the recording of our new album, so we asked a few friends we made while on tour if they wanted to have a part in a cover song we were going to record.”

The song features Nightshade vocalist Wayne Hudspath, The Black Dahlia Murder bassist Bart Williams, Bury The Silence vocalist Adam Garvey, and members of Hope For The Dying, and A Sleepless Malice. With Nick commenting, “All these guys did us a huge favor, taking time to record what we wanted to do, how we wanted it, and had a ton of fun. We will be doing it again soon I’m sure.” “The Stroke” is only a teaser of what is to come for 2013 as the band plans to release a new album and continue to tour the country.


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