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AMBER SEAS PROMO 6-13-15Famined Records’ French progressive metal outfit AmberSea has just released their guitar playthrough for the song “Violette.” The track, which the playthrough for it can be seen HERE, is off the band’s debut EP Infantile Vision that was recently released and features five tracks of progressive, djenty metal with guest spots from Chris Barretto (Monuments) and Pierre Dane (Kadinja). Guitarist Kevin Chesnais had this to say, “We are really proud of what we have achieved as a band and as human beings with this EP. We cannot wait to show everyone the result, and we cannot wait to hear what listeners think about it!” The band has quickly risen up the ranks to become one of the most promising newcomers in the progressive metal scene and has already gathered plenty of critical acclaim like the following; “Their Famined debut, Infantile Vision, brings to mind the likes of Between the Buried and Me, Monuments, and A Hero A Fake. Their brand of progressive metal is strongly written, well executed, and complex enough that things virtually do not lose steam at all in the record’s twenty-nine minute length.” – New Noise Magazine

“Brief–but blistering–Infantile Vision is an intense album that fossilizes the listener with awe-inspiring, paralyzingly poetic song structure only to smash them into pieces with pummeling, punctual brutality.” – New Transcendence

“The new EP from French progressive metal band AmberSea titled Infantile Vision, is an explosive release filled with catchy hooks, blistering growls, and melodic vocals that demonstrate that AmberSea is one of the most promising new bands to hit the music scene.” – Listen Here Reviews

“AmberSea’s Infantile Vision is one of the most timeless and dynamic releases of this year. It’s hard to believe that this is a debut release, given that Infantile Vision bears the collective weight and experience of a thousand waves. […] You can’t help but lose yourself physically and mentally in the gorgeous instrumentation in every ear-shattering melodic solo and every bone-shattering breakdown. AmberSea carries the technical prowess and youthful recklessness that only the most seasoned waters can hold.” – Ouch That Hertz

“Mark my words, we will be seeing much more from AmberSea in the near future.” – It Djents



About AmberSea:

Hailing from Lille, France, AmberSea is a promising newcomer in the progressive metal scene that mixes heaviness, groove, and melody into a sound unlike any that has been heard before. Founded by Kevin Chesnais and Axel Richet in 2013, they had the idea to mix all their influences together while adding their own personal touch to create a unique, technical and spontaneous sound. Trying to avoid all the “djent” clichés, they use other personal influences that include pop punk, ambient and electronica.

After putting their efforts together writing for about a year, they finally created a  five track EP called Infantile Vision. While recording, they invited Cycles’ singer Mathieu Rouland as a guest to record his vocals on the EP. Seeing Matt’s extreme motivation, brilliant ideas and high skills, they asked him to join the band as a full time member and he immediately accepted the offer. Right after that, they chose Cairn Tse-Lalonde, brillant student of Music Production & Engineering at the world-renowned Berklee College Of Music and good friend of Kevin, to mix and master the EP. After listening to the demos done by the band, he accepted and immediately started to work on them.

The EP finally done, they searched everywhere to find guitar players and drummers. They finally found really talented and extremely motivated members to join the crew and work as one big machine. The band released their first single “Deci(mate)” featuring Chris Barretto from Monuments in September before releasing “Shinigami” in October. In December they announced that they had signed with American based Famined Records and will release Infantile Vision on February 10th, 2015.


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