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APMASALTERNATIVE PRESS, the national, Cleveland-based magazine covering today’s contemporary punk, rock and indie culture, has announced that the will take place this coming June 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. The first-ever APMAS–a concert and awards show–will feature performances and appearances of major artists from ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine’s past, present and future.

Artist performances and award nominations, plus the venue, will be announced in February 2014

ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine was started 29 years ago, from its early days as a four-page fold-over fanzine distributed at punk-rock shows to the ambitious production values and international distribution it enjoys today, Alternative Press is the definitive source of music news for the underground music scene. With the release of its 300th issue, AP has redesigned and improved to create a collectible product for its readers. They continue to prove you can stick to your DIY punk roots, yet still be able to branch out into the fast-paced digital world. AP has successfully expanded its brand through avenues such as the AP Tour, the iPad, iPhone and digital versions of the magazine, the AP mobile app,, tour programs, events and more.  No matter which platform, AP prides itself on continuing to offer fans insight to the hottest bands and trends first.

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