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THE AUGMENTS PROJECT PROMO 7-24-15FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Los Angeles based Metal band The Augments Project have released their “Awaken” music video off their new EP of the same name, available now through Bandcamp. The video was written by Jimmy Trigger, directed by Jimmy Trigger & Brian Cox, and filmed and edited by Brian Cox.

The track is also available for free download on the band’s Reverb Nation page.

The track “Awaken” was the first song we all wrote together, so it holds special weight for us all. The ideology of the band is for us all to shine in our skill sets, and I think that happened. The result: something fresh & new but hinting that old skool influence. “Awaken” is an aggressive song, that got me to delve into emotions that I haven’t visited in quite a while. The song deals with the turmoil’s of life and doing our best to succeed regardless. There are a lot of metaphors in each song, but some are very real (Take this noose around my neck that binds me to my lives regrets). You can decide, I guess. The end result should always be a PMA view point, or PMMA (positive mental motherfuckin attitude) as i say. – Jimmy Trigger (The Augments Project)

About The Augments Project:

The Augments Project brings together captivating vocal melodies, accompanied by brutal heavy grooves and razor sharp instrumental precision and accuracy.

Produced and engineered by its members, THE AUGMENTS PROJECT merges the familiar sounds of modern day progressive metal and rock with an electronic twist.

From the opening track “Awaken” the group performs an almost mechanical introduction of blistering guitars and thunderous drums followed by a throat tearing first verse, letting the listener know immediately that play time is over.

Irish Born Jimmy Trigger (We Are The Riot, Switchpin) known for his work with supergroup “We Are The Riot” (featuring members of Coal Chamber Meegs and Mikey Cox) delivers an amazing level of diversity with each breath!!! With a range that could only be matched by the efforts of several vocalists, Jimmy sends a message of positivity, strength and empowerment. aka PMMA positive mental motherfkin attitude)


Accompanying his vocal efforts is Matt, the groups multitalented keyboard and programming specialist. Matt brings the electronic world to life in every song, and takes on the vocal duties where he’s needed.

Bringing the thick and immense low end to the groups sound and also taking on vocal duties is none other than Frankie Sil (previously of Static X) who’s eccentric and radical look is matched by his aggressive performance abilities and spectacular musicianship. Frankie’s work with more contemporary rock groups brings to the table a “more approachable” idea when it comes to the song writing process, leaving the listeners ears pleased and thirsty for more.

Manning the helm behind the percussive department is Josh Alves (Sisters Ov the Blackmoon) Josh plays a game of pick up sticks, take no prisoners!!! With a musical range that starts with rock and blues and ends with 300bpm + death metal, Josh delivers each hit as if it were a gavel stroke condemning the listener to a life sentence!!!

Last but not least we come to Johnny Death (Previously of Before The Mourning, The Kill Corps) the 7 string gunslinger displays a finger blistering array of crushing grooves and melodic leads that compliment and drive the sound home!!!THE AUGMENTS PROJECT CD ART 7-24-15

The Augments Project bases its origins from music itself, as the very name means to contribute to and make greater!!! This powerful lineup of skilled musicians delivers an impactful and massive sound that will leave you anxious for more!!!

Purchase The Augments Project “Awake” EP HERE.

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