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Learning chords and scales has never been easier thanks to the Knowledge of Music (KOM) Chromatics Music Playing Cards—an award-winning complete set of playing cards consisting of tone cards representing four octaves of the chromatic scale. These cards are designed to help you learn the basics of music even when you don’t have an instrument handy to practice on.  On each card, the numbers and jack-queen-king have been replaced with the 12 musical tones (E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, etc.). This allows you play musical versions of familiar games like War, Go Fish for 7th Chords, Music Gin Rummy and Poker, or any game you like, and helps you learn and become comfortable with the 12 unique tones and their wide variety of combinations. Each card contains the frequency of the tone and the major or minor scale and chord built off that tone. Black suits have major scales and chords; red suits have minor scales and chords. The deck is completed with “K”nowledge cards and jokers with music and game related reference notes.

“As an aspiring musician that embarked on learning to play piano and guitar late in life, the challenge seemed insurmountable at times,” explains KOM founder Mark Sanderson.  “After pondering the problem for a bit, I realized learning to play an instrument presented three separate challenges: learning to think with the alphabet and vocabulary of music, knowing scales and chords, so as to consciously be able to coordinate listening, play and the manipulation of an instrument; learning to manipulate an instrument with sufficient proficiency that the instrument becomes a natural extension of the players body; learning to listen… and genuinely being able to hear the distinctions between various tones and chords.”

Chromatics Music Playing Cards are available for purchase at select music stores [MSRP: $9.99]. Please visit our website for a list of participating retailers. Additionally, you can purchase these directly from us online at; or by phone or email (877-405-6810; Because we are confident that you will love the Chromatics Music Playing Cards, we offer a full One-Year Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us for an RMA# and return your complete deck to Knowledge Of Music Inc within one year with proof of purchase.

A “How To Play Chromatics” guide providing detailed instructions for multiple games is available as a booklet from the online store or as a FREE PDF from the website.

Additionally, KOM is actively interested in developing and supporting our network of music retailers. If you would like to carry Chromatics Music Playing Cards, we offer aggressive wholesale pricing for commercial businesses to join our retail network. To obtain wholesale pricing for cartons of Chromatics Music Playing Cards, contact 877-405-6810 or contact on the web at:

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