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BABYMETAL FB 6-16-15, the explosive trio whose unique hybrid of extreme and J-pop have made them Internet sensations, are slowly working on conquering America…’Road of Resistance’ is a furious power burst injected with shiny pop harmonies…”- Jeff Benjamin, ROLLINGSTONE.COM, May 11, 2015

Today (6/16), –the Japan-based all-girl-fronted “Kawaii ” (mix of J-Pop Idol and Heavy ) group–re-release, in the U.S. only, the physical version of their 2014 chart-topping self-titled debut album via RAL/Sony Music Entertainment. Fans can purchase the album at Amazon or on the band’s website.

Last night (6/15), performed and took home the Breakthrough Award at the 2015 HAMMER GOLDEN GODS awards at London’s indigo2 at the O2 arena and last week they took home the Spirit Of Independence Award at the 2015 Relentless Kerrang! Awards. This Sunday (6/21), BABYMETAL will continue their 2015 WORLD TOUR “THE DARK KNIGHTS BEGIN”–which has featured sold-out shows in nine countries including two U.S. dates at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL on May 14 and Rock of the Range Festival in Columbus, OH on May 16–with a performance at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan and wrapping at Leeds Festival in the U.K..

Since forming in 2010, BABYMETAL–the young trio of 17-year-old SU-METAL (Vocal, Dance) and 15-year-olds YUIMETAL (Scream, Dance) and MOAMETAL (Scream, Dance), backed by a four-piece band packing a heavy metal arsenal–have already achieved two major debut singles: “IJIME, DAME, ZETTA!” and “MEGISTUNE,” both of which ranked in the Top 10 Oricon Chart in Japan. Their first studio album BABYMETAL also earned the #1 spot on Japan’s album chart and Billboard’s World Album Chart. The official live music video for their debut album’s lead single “Gimme Chocolate!!” has garnered over 28 million views on YouTube.

To coincide with the May 12 U.S. digital re-release of their self-titled debut album, BABYMETAL partnered with to premiere the bonus track “Road of Resistance” and to premiere the bonus track “Gimme Chocolate!!” (Bonus Track – Live At O2 Academy Brixton). In addition, a video for “Road of Resistance,” which can be viewed HERE, was also released.

BABYMETAL track listing:


2.   Megitsune

3.   Gimi Chocolate!!BABYMETAL PROMO 6-16-15

4.   line

5.   Akatsuki

6.   Doki Doki Morning

7.   Onedari Daisakusen

8.   Song 4

9.   Uki Uki Midnight

10. Catch Me If You Can

11. Rondo of Nightmare

12. Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!

13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

14. Road of Resistance (Bonus Track Feat. Herman Li & Sam Totaman)

15. Gimme Chocolate!! (Bonus Track – Live At O2 Academy Brixton)

Here’s a sample of the praise BABYMETAL has received so far:

“…the most polarizing band of 2014.”, January 7, 2015

“…[Babymetal] embraces metal’s most enduring and endearing tenets – fantasy, escapism, theatrics, bombast and sheer volume – and that solid, skillfully played metal foundation cleverly grounds a wildly eclectic sound that incorporates elements from trance to synth-pop, to dubstep, to reggae, to J-pop at its most manic and overtly ‘cute.’ It’s also brilliantly self-referential, the group’s manga-style fantasy storyline involving some wonderful parodies of metal’s ‘Big Four’ of Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth.” -Adrien Begrand, NPR, September 4, 2014

BABY METAL FB PROMO 6-16-15“Their songs are a delirious mix of thrash, death and power metal with candy-pink J-pop melodies spread like frosting atop all the violence. Not even the most dedicated black-metal purist could deny that Babymetal’s tracks are played with the same skill and ferocity as their genre contemporaries…Babymetal is perhaps the genre’s most brilliant and welcomed send-up yet…Babymetal is just about the only metal group sticking with the mission of the genre — freaking people out and putting on a hell of a spectacle.”- August Brown, LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 29, 2014

“Musically, they are as heavy and sharp as any modern metal band. Vocally?…[Babymetal] is so deliciously alien and peculiar, not to mention delivered with joyous enthusiasm… there is something very clever and lovable about Babymetal’s back-story and the mystique that surrounds those who put the music together… the whole thing works so brilliantly because it has side-stepped all the usual considerations in favour of the wholesale creation of a unique and fully formed world of its own.”- Dom Lawson, METAL HAMMER, September 2014

“I think is important to acknowledge evolutionary steps in Metal. Early innovators and pioneers in many genres were at first questioned or even mocked and ridiculed. From all the way back to where two nice, quiet Jewish boys from New York put on make-up and breathed fire and spit blood (Kiss), to space monsters from the Antaractica (GWAR), to Italian guys mixing 80’s Speed Metal with Hollywood film-score soundtracks (Rhapsody), to pagan Finnish dudes mixing folk music with Metal (Korpiklaani), there have been important bands and benchmarks where we can almost track a new sub-genre back to one single band or point in time. BabyMetal is one of those evolutionary steps…I believe this is an important album.- JP Wood,, June 2014

“Babymetal are the next big thing!…Babymetal are absolutely incredible! I haven’t been this excited about a new metal act in a looooong time. I was initially completely baffled and even averse to the concept, but I’ve come to embrace it over time and you should too.”- Vince Neilstein,, July 18, 2014

“…they are unlike any other band you have ever been exposed to ever before. They combine…high-concept…Asian pop with instrumentation that wouldn’t sound out of place on the slickest record Slipknot never made. By all human logic, this shouldn’t work in the least, but it does, completely and unequivocally, through both the machinations of the J-Pop machine as well as the sheer force of their own weird.”- Drew Millard,, March 4, 2014

“…it’s impossible to deny that this band is impacting pop culture past metal itself.”- Sean Matthews,, April 10, 2015

“Babymetal is everything wonderful, all at once.”- Allison Stewart, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, May 7, 2015





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