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Reno, NV blackened death metal band Blasphemous Creation’s second album “Battle Of The Ancients” will be released on Russian label HeadXplode Records on December 27th 2012. The album was recorded by Josh Williams at Metal Works Recording Studio in Folsom, CA. Album art was done by Tony Koehl of Sketch The Soul Studios, best known for his cover art for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

This second offering is a follow up to Blasphemous Creation’s first full length album, Diabolical Kingdom, that was released on San Francisco label Apocrypha Records. Battle Of The Ancients is a concept album based on the ancient Sumerian gods the Anunnaki, who were actually flesh and blood extraterrestrials from a planet called Nibiru. It is a fictional story based on lead guitarist/vocalist Isaac Wilson’s own beliefs in ancient astronaut theory, that ancient gods were actually aliens from other planets with superior technology and were able to travel through space. The album tells the story of great battles fought between the Anunnaki and a humanoid race called the Plejaren, who were genetically engineered by the Anunnaki to be used as slaves. After defeating them, the “Gods” came to Earth and once again created human beings to serve them as slaves.

The video for the Song “The Final Battle” from the album was directed by Bernie Versailles of AGENT STEEL and can be seen on Youtube here:

The band promises a cleaner, more polished and powerful sound on this offering. Sample tracks from the album and lyrics can be heard on the band’s Facebook and Reverbnation pages.

Blasphemous Creation is:

Isaac Wilson: guitar/vocals
Joe Amos: guitar
TJ Laughlin: bass
Travis Edwards: drums

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