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Blast Head Records is proud to announce their signing of Birmingham, Alabama’s for the release of the technical metallers debut album ‘The Quantum of Death’ for a later to be announced date.

“From I heard I was absolutely floored, the songs have this amazing energy, which I think people will really gravitate to. They are a that has a solid vision of what they are after, and this type of work ethic always pays off! I am very ecstatic to be working with them and looking forward to the release of’ ‘The Quantum of Death’!” comments Paul Shaw, owner of Blast Head Records.

The recorded half of the during the summer of 2011, but in October they suffered a major with the of their drummer Justin Beasley. The has forged ahead in Justin’s memory and has just recently finalized the remaining tracks. The was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying) of Echelon Studios.

The album captures the vision of the and was completed by George Prasinis who has done covers for such notable bands as Kataplexia, Mass Infection and Spawn of Possession.

Click Here to check out 2 tracks from ‘The Quantum of Death’.
I: Of Means and Ends
II: Catalyze III: SN 5270
IV: Aggregating Powers
V: The Quantum of

VI. Devourer of the Cosmos
VII. Forever Impaled
VIII. Hivemind
IX. Spectrums

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