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Blind Melon frontman Travis T. Warren will be releasing his debut album “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” today via Iron Ridge Road Recordings. All the labels proceeds from sales of the album will be donated to MusiCares – a charitable arm of the Grammys devoted to supporting musicians in financial, personal or medical need.

Beneath These Borrowed Skies” was produced by Warren and mixed by Rob Schnapf  (Elliot Smith, Beck, Guided By Voices). The album consists of an extensive pool of musical influences, from Slayer to John Prine to Paul Oakenfold, and features the likes of Aja Volkman (from Nico Vega), Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon) and Eva Gardner (Pink’s backing band) among its guest contributors. “I wanted this album to be cohesive, but I also wanted it to have all kinds of my influences across the board,” states Travis. “I always thought that if you could do it well, you could dance around different genres and not have to stick to one thing. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.”

As well as being a phenomenal musical achievement in itself, “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” is an apt debut statement for Iron Ridge Road Recordings; a testament to the wonderful role music can play in the journey to recovery, and an exciting new aspect of the facilities continuing work alongside the MusiCares charity.

 “We are very excited by the opportunities this is going to give us to support musicians in recovery” states label founder Justin Daniels. “This will help create funds and awareness for MusiCares and on a wider level give hope and awareness to everyone who is effected by this disease that life-long recovery from addiction is not only possible but can be so rewarding.”

Iron Ridge Road Recordings is owned and operated by drug and alcohol rehab facility, Clarity Way.  The treatment facility is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and provides a fully medically supervised holistic approach to in-patient treatment for up to 23 clients at any given time. It is staffed by a full time doctor who is also a qualified addictionologist, leading addiction therapists and nurses and it is committed to providing clients a program that exceeds the standards for the individualized treatment of addiction. For more information check out

AOL is hosting an exclusive listening party for “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” through Sunday at this location:

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