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Heavy melodic rockers are proud to announce they will be performing the following show dates in Toronto, ON in support of their latest self titled EP, which is now streaming here.

Feb 2 – The Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON – w/ Waxmen, The Unchained – Show Details
Mar 1 – Cherry Colas, Toronto, ON
Mar 29 – The Hideout, Toronto, ON

 is currently in studio working on their follow up release and planning to release an acoustic version of their debut for fans, which will be announced at a later date.
Control (lyric video)

  story begins in late 2010 when four men met in an undisclosed hospital delivery room. No one will ever know what transpired that day other than that it inspired something big, something that could only be expressed through music.

Creating an alluring blend of melodious, metal-tinged rock ‘n roll, it didn’t take long for Breached to start winning over fans with their live shows and five-song EP. The band’s tight harmonies and nail-hitting screams combined with overdriven guitars, intricate tempos and powerful lyrics provide a unique blend that audiences can’t seem to get enough of.

“We feel that there is a lot of music out there that fails at one major thing – triggering emotions,” says vocalist Bobby Noakes. “We want people to connect with our music not only because it has a great sound, but because of the lyrical content and emotion we put into the songs.”

Back in the studio to record their second EP, which is scheduled for a summer release, Breached have recently put together an acoustic EP to hold their fans over till then.

For more info on BREACHED please visit these following links: | | Twitter @BreachedMusic

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