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ThresholdBritish progressive metal sextet THRESHOLD are back in the studio working on their tenth studio album.

“It’s good to be working on a new album and cut the time between releases,” shares THRESHOLD guitarist Karl Groom. “Our touring for the March Of Progress album inspired Rich [West, keyboard player] and I to get writing not long after the main set of dates. We want to thank everyone for their support during that time. I should add that other members of the band have also have been writing!  Right now I am tracking rhythm guitars and Johanne [James, drummer] is due in the studio as soon as we put the finishing touched on a couple of songs.  Hopefully 2014 will be another memorable year for THRESHOLD.

The band concluded their tour throughout Europe with a headlining performance at the Ciao Luca Festival in Italy.  Watch live footage of THRESHOLD’s June appearance at this year’s Rock Hard Festival here:

2012’s March Of Progress was produced at Thin Ice Studios and Eightspace Studio in the U.K. by THRESHOLD guitarist Karl Groom and keyboardist Richard West.  The album debuted at the following chart positions last summer: #28 – Germany, #30 – Switzerland, #43 – Sweden, #55 – Austria, #70 – Netherlands, #102 – France.

Nuclear Blast has re-issued “definitive” versions of the first seven albums in THRESHOLD’s back-catalogue: 1993’s debut Wounded Land, 1994’s Psychedelicatessen, 1997’s Extinct Instinct, 1998’s Clone, 2001’s Hypothetical, 2002’s Critical Mass, and 2004’s Subsurface.

March Of Progress and all THRESHOLD re-releases are available from the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop.

Watch the fan-created video for the March Of Progress track “Staring At The Sun” here:

“Staring At The Sun” behind-the-scenes footage is available here:

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