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Burnt Belief members 10-17-14World-renowned bassist Colin Edwin () and guitarist/composer Jon Durant have once again teamed up under the moniker for the release of a new album of progressive ethno-ambient fusion instrumentals, titled – due out on October 21 via Alchemy Records.

The album showcases the duo’s fruitful symbiosis and clear developmental path across their shared musical landscape. Assimilating diverse elements ranging from polyrhythms, deep ECM styled atmospherics and even angular nu-jazz abstraction, the result is an immersive, multi-layered and engrossing documentation of a remarkably sympathetic musical connection.

Energized by working together in a live environment again in late 2013, Edwin and Durant reconvened to create the present album, . Whilst still retaining the strong sonic identity laid down on , represents a considerable expansion and natural evolution of their sound, not least because of the additional input of three marvelous drummers (Vinny Sabatino, Dean McCormick and Jose Duque) to complement and reinforce the programmed electronic rhythms.

Etymology is further enhanced by sensitive, deep electric violin performances from highly regarded classical musician , also known for his evocative work with U.K. art-rock band .

Track list:
burnt Belief 10-18-14
1. Chromatique
2. Dissemble
3. Précis
4. Hraunfossar
5. Convergence
6. Rivulet
7. White Keys
8. Not Indifferent
9. Hover
10. Chimera
11. Squall
12. Charlatan (Bonus Track)

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