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BY THE THOUSANDS - promo - 5-11-16Twin Cities based band have released the Official Music Video for “” off of their debut LP . Premiered on Revolver, “” was directed by Randy Edwards.

is a hard-hitting band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Their music is a fusion of complex rhythms, technical guitar and bass work, and deep, powerful vocals. Ever-evolving since their inception in 2012, their performance-centric approach to creating music has remained constant. 2014 saw the band release their self-titled debut EP, taking them on three self-booked tours to sixteen states in support of the release. recently released their debut full-length, . The band is about to embark on their second tour in support of its release, bringing By The Thousands’ loud, energetic, and passionate live show across the country.

is a reference to the people that exit your life, whether they choose to or not. The word itself is a synonym for ‘ghost’. This song mirrors the emotions one feels when dealing with the residual effects of losing a loved one. – By The Thousands-

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