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Ceremonial Oath - Book of TruthSweden’s pioneers of twisted melodic death metal – will release their legendary debut album, The Book Of Truth, as a digital download in North America on April 16th via Century Media Records. Besides the album tracks found on The Book Of Truth, this download will also include all tracks from the super rare demos, Wake The Dead and Black Sermon (on which CEREMONIAL OATH was still performing under the band’s previous moniker DESECRATOR), as well as the two tracks from the legendary Lost Name Of God 7″ (originally released on Corpse Grinder Records in 1992).

The Book Of Truth doesn’t follow the usual melodic approach that many bands from the Gothenburg scene established during the heyday of the scene from 1994-1999. Being neither pure Gothenburg melodic death metal nor typical old school Swedish death metal in the Stockholm vein, but more a fine mélange of both worlds, spiced-up with some technical finesse a la MORBID ANGEL and NOCTURNUS, The Book Of Truth has justly become a classic death metal album. To this day, the sound of CEREMONIAL OATH has remained surprisingly fresh and unique.

The Book Of Truth deluxe re-issue track-listing:

The Album

Prologue: Sworn To Avenge
Chapter I: The Invocator
Chapter II: For I Have Sinned / The Praise
Chapter III: Enthroned
Chapter IV: Only Evil Prevails
Chapter V: Thunderworld (Welcome To Forever)
Chapter VI: Lords Of Twilight
Chapter VII: Ceremonial Oath
Chapter VIII: The Lost Name Of God
Chapter IX: The Book Of Truth
Chapter X: Hellbound (instrumental)

The Demos (Bonus Tracks)

Intro: The Hour Between Darkness And Dawn
Remains Of Death
Force Of Habit
A Nocturnal Predator
Into The Abyss Of Hell
The Invocator
The Lost Name Of God
For I Have Sinned / The Praise

The Demos (Bonus Tracks) info

Tracks 1 – 4 taken from the Wake The Dead demo (1990, performing as DESECRATOR)
Tracks 5 – 7 taken from the Black Sermon demo (1990, performing as DESECRATOR)
Tracks 8 & 9 taken from the Lost Name Of God 7″ (1992)


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