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, the recording trio made of multi-instrumentalist/ producer Colten Williams, bassist Austin Williams and vocalist/part time instrumentalist Tim Vester has self-released a brand new / E.P. entitled Rituals.

The Rituals E.P. showcases brand new, original songs, as well as remixes by notable electronic such as SNOWBEASTS and . This  E.P., which features the band’s signature blend of  and metal, was released in format exclusively to the Bandcamp page. For of Helmet, Escape Plan, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Deadsy

This new release, Rituals is filled with the band’s brand of hard-hitting songs, beats, synth melodies, un- synth chaos and hook-laden, crushing guitars. It also showcases the longing, bleak, dismal yet aggressive lyrics and deliveries that the has perfected. Colten Williams has topped everything off in the by producing an that sounds crisp, heavy, and intense. The Rituals E.P. also marks the band’s return to writing & recording together after a 3-year hiatus, showing that they have violently shaken the and cobwebs off and have come out swinging.

Austin Williams: Bass
Colten Williams: Guitar, Synths, Programming, Production
Tim Vester: Vocals

, based out of Bend, Oregon, has been writing, recording, and performing since 2009, when Vester and Williams, as the primary members and songwriters, began working together in a converted bedroom//HQ. Since the group’s inception, they have released their initial demo, a full-length album Brides, the Hallowmas E.P., various singles added to compilations and have written compositions for film and video.


One thought on “Check Out Alternative/Industrial Band WARM GADGET’s New EP, ‘Rituals

  1. Gave it a listen. Didn’t really fit into what I normally listen to, but it got stuck in my head a little bit.
    Went back again and gave it another shot.
    It’s outside of my traditional industrial favorites, but it’s actually really good.
    Guess it doesn’t pay to be trapped into one genre.
    I’m a fan now!

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