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Erotic Suicide - To Die ForErotic Suicide, a sleaze glam band hailing from Oklahoma, have re-released their second album entitled Perseverance with a bonus disc via (
Persevarance, originally a one disc set, has been a highly sought after CD for fans of this style of music.  Fans have had to resort to picking up a used copy for $100 or more on ebay when one would show up.  However, the long wait is over and Persevarance is now readily available from , and better yet, it comes with a second bonus disc filled with demos of unreleased songs.  All the tracks have been remastered and the six page booklet comes with tons of pictures from the old days.

EROTIC SUICIDE is a band that built their energy from their passion and love for music. Whether playing live or in the studio, each member of this band surrenders every ounce of himself to the music in which he is playing. Shortly after its release the band began playing shows to support “Abusement Park” playing with such acts as Ugly Kid Joe, Jackyl, Ace Frehley, Bang Tango, and Vince Neil. Shortly thereafter, the band shot a video for their first release “Can’t Remember.” Eventually, EROTIC SUICIDE was signed to the German label Koch Records which re-mastered and released Abusement Park. In total about 25,000 copies of Abusement Park were sold in the US and abroad.

While touring in support of Abusement Park, the band began writing material for their second album which was slated to be called “To Die For.” Ultimately the band parted ways with their label and went back to their roots, changing the name of the album to Perseverance and releasing it themselves. As one critic stated, “Of the many bands scratching a living in the Grunge dominant 1990’s, EROTIC SUICIDE was considered one of the more credible. Their concern with their material rather than their location, image or groupies was a refreshing change for this heavily stereotyped genre.”

Disc 1:  Hurt, Scream Cross The Line, Breakin’ Down, I Want, All Fall Down, Blown Away, Devils Daughter, Can’t Stop It, Blue Eyes, Same Ol’ Thing, Weekend One Night Stand.  Disc 2: (The Unreleased Demos)ESX, Tearin’ Down The Walls, Coming Down (Sweet Tomorrow), World Has Its Way, What The Hell Did You Get Me, One Way To Get It.
Erotic Suicide is a glam band that would satisfy fans of bands like Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, LA Guns, and Roxx Gang.

Previously, released first album entitled Abusement Park which is full of the same type of over-the-top, Party, Glam, Sleaze Music.   Abusement Park also contains the power ballad Sweet Summer Nights.

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