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The USA Heavy Metallers from  have launched the lyric video for “Heterodox”, which can be seen below:

The song is taken from the  EP, which has a release date set for February 26, 2016 !

An unexpected surprise occurs when you first hear . While listening to their incredibly well written songs, you’d think you were experiencing a seasoned national band. The brain child of 11 year old Gunnar DüGrey took several years to come to fruition, but when it did at the beginning of his 8th grade year of school, it took off like wild fire! Fast forward to seeing them live..and it hits you. Still in the prime of their youth, these phenomenal musicians have already shared the stage with huge acts such as Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Nile, Soulfly, Decapitated. EYEHATEGOD, Goatwhore, Soilwork, Powerman 5000, Metal Church, Destruction, Within the Ruins, Havok, and Lorna Shore. Formed out of mutual participation at the PDX “School of Rock” music school, they not only have the drive, the talent, the chops, and the looks – they compose their own original music that can compete against any national band. Members include on lead guitar, Gunnar DüGrey having just signed an endorsement deal with Dean Guitars, Nathan Nielson on rhythm guitar, Charlie Gesik on drums, and Gage Dean pulling double duty on bass and vocals. They have a well grounded attitude, unbelievable confidence and the fervor to command any stage. The world is limitless for !

is a concept written around mans cruelty towards his fellow man in the name of greed, power, religion, or any other excuse made up to torture his brothers throughout history. Their stories need to be told to keep us from forgetting the past, or we are destined to repeat it. The saddest part is that we will never run out of stories to tell. Never forget.


  1. The Painting House
  2. Become Death
  3. Heterodox
  4. Crusades Pt.I : Seige
  5. Crusades Pt.II : Extinction


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