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, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, recently acquired back the rights to the project’s first 5 albums, released between 1992-1998. Now, after over 20 years in the vault, the entire catalog (Self-Titled, Brainchild, Metamorphosis , Argyle Park – Misguided, and Disengage) has been officially remastered and re-released including hours of previously unreleased bonus content, such as demos, acoustic versions, alternate mixes and remixes.

The final re-release, Disengage, is available everywhere now.
Listen to the track “Blindeye” from Disengage below:

– Blindeye

In addition to releasing 175 tracks, clocking in at over 11 hours of music from the 5 re-released albums, Circle of Dust will be unveiling a new, full-length album in December 2016 featuring the singles “Contagion,” “Neophyte,” and “Machines of Our Disgrace.”

Circle of Dust is back. Prepare to re-engage.

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About Circle of Dust
Circle of Dust, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton, marked the beginning of the musical career of the man who later went on to create independent success as Celldweller, as well as forming his own label – FIXT. Along with four full-length Circle of Dust albums in the 90s (Circle of Dust, Brainchild, Metamorphosis, Disengage), Klayton created a side-project under the name Argyle Park, which featured a vast collection of guest collaborators, including Tommy Victor of Prong, J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus and Mark Salomon (Stavesacre/Crucified).

Locked away collecting “dust” for 20+ years, the rights to the Circle of Dust & Argyle Park albums were unavailable to Klayton as the original labels they were signed to shut down in the mid-90s. After 2 decades of pursuing a deal to re-gain ownership of the albums, Klayton was finally able to reclaim the rights in 2015.

As Klayton began planning the remastering and re-release of the original albums, a new idea began to grow. He decided to not only re-release each album, but to fully resurrect the project and create a new full-length Circle of Dust album, to be released December 2016, nearly 20 years after the last Circle of Dust release.

Not only are all the re-releases completely remastered, but each includes demos, unreleased bonus tracks, acoustic/alternate versions of tracks as well as some new remixes.

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